Fairfax staff down tools as SBS journos gape at lowball offer. Fairfax staff have donned their "Fair Go Fairfax" shirts once again today, after staff meetings rejected management's latest offer of "merit-based" pay rises for the newsroom. Staff are also seeking permission to go on strike for up to three days from Wednesday next week, and they're stopping work for one hour today from 11am to noon to protest against the offer.

Raising particular ire was Fairfax executive Gail Hambly's leaked comments from last week about Fairfax journalists not being willing to "back themselves," unlike the company's management. "We also note management’s view that Fairfax journalists do not 'back themselves', and ask that management consider rewarding their journalists in a similar vein to the $2.4 million pay rise awarded to the top four executives," the resolution passed by staff stated. One Fairfax scribe noted that she'd bought $4.75 worth of Fairfax shares in 2000. Luckily she didn't back herself any further -- they're now worth 91 cents.