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8 thoughts on “Department of Australia

  1. zut alors

    Pell is a man of remarkable vision: he clearly identifies the link between managing inanimate trucks and managing the pastoral human flock. Surely Chr1st would’ve made the same analogy.

  2. cbb20720480a38c8455360a7ebed1773

    Law 101 – a principle is bound the actions of their agent. The arrogance of Pell to try and turn the sexual abuse of parishioners by pedophile priests into a single truck accident that is not his responsibility. I can’t take Pell seriously. It has to be a cruel cruel joke that this guy and his church are meant to be societies moral authority.

  3. fractious

    The irony is the Australian trucking industry has a mandatory code (Chain of Responsibility) that means that anyone – driver, manager, forkie, CEO or Board of Directors – can be held responsible for any breach of relevant laws, regulations etc. As the NHVR states:
    “all parties who influence on-road behaviour are held accountable for breaches of road transport laws”

    In that sense if no other, Pell couldn’t have chosen a less fitting analogy.

  4. rhwombat

    No wonder Pell has sought sanctuary in the Vatican. I doubt that he will ever come back.

  5. Neutral

    Inspiration for another Tim Minchin ditty “Pell Mell to Hell”.

  6. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Right on the money

  7. Dez Paul

    Yet more evidence this bloke is an unfeeling sociopath. Completely unfit to be an agent of love, tolerance, decency and goodwill. No wonder he’s Abbott’s friend and mentor.

  8. AR

    Kindasorta apt in that reckless driving on meth is almost necessary to make a profit as a private trucker whereas celibacy & hypocrisy are the horse’n’carriage of his sick religiosity.

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