Aug 22, 2014

Captain Pander rehearses some tired terror rituals

We're rehearsing many of the terrorism rituals that took place in the lead-up to the Iraq War, including the targeting of the Muslim community.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Like many another aspect of our ever more ossified public life, the terrorism panic currently underway is following increasingly ritualised forms.


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43 thoughts on “Captain Pander rehearses some tired terror rituals

  1. klewso

    Cameron isn’t far out from a knife-edged election either, is he?

  2. AussieAchmed

    Carbon tax, MRRT, boats the bogeyman of the election

    Now Jihadists in other countries, some Britsh and other nationalities are the bogeyman.

    Are we really going to have to suffer another 2 years of bogey man politics?

  3. klewso

    Regarding “Captain Pander’s” black and white world :-
    [If we join his and Rupert’s “Team Australia” – how do we qualify for his “Blue Tie – Age of Entitlement More Equal Club” status that allows “the elite” to claim :-
    * out-of-pocket expenses (on the tax-payer) to attend weddings, parties, anything;
    * to promote a book we may write;
    * or to reimburses us for any expenses incurred when taking part in a media photo op for charity?]

  4. zut alors

    Fear is the tool preferred by tools.

  5. MJPC

    In keeping with the theme I would have thought Muslims would have seen our PM as the Sultan. As for Team Australia, the cartoonists are giving it a savaging in the daily’s.

  6. Nemo Omar

    What other agenda might benefit from a beatup about foreign wars?

  7. Rais

    I wonder who the imam was that Abbott appointed as one of the leading imams? Anyway as a Muslim fourth generation Australian married to a Muslim Australian of at least six generations standing I would be reluctant to appoint to my Team Australia some ten pound Pom until I at least see documentary proof of his citizenship.

  8. SusieQ

    Its a handy distraction from that Budget….
    Its quite sad to see the govt going through all this again – when do we get Tampa Mk II?

  9. Mendoza

    “the vast majority of Muslims in this country” wanted him as their “captain”

    just what is the selection criteria for becoming a Rhodes scholar?

  10. zut alors

    ‘just what is the selection criteria for becoming a Rhodes scholar?’

    In Abbott’s case it was likely a dearth of other applicants.

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