Aug 21, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: we hide their dead — and ours — in a war we have no stomach for

Islamic State militants have released a video of the murder of American journalist James Foley, while American drones slaughter children in secret. Who is the barbarian here?

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

If the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) is to continue to fund its brutal excess, it might focus less on extortion and more on the export of its high-leverage marketing strategies. JWT could learn a thing or two about how to grow a micro-business into a corporate land army from a group whose use of social and now traditional media has become nonpareil. The Islamic State’s latest low-cost beheading campaign has gone, as they say, viral. A perfect 10 out of 10 for effective use of a truly guerrilla media technique. Rather less, perhaps, for taking a Game of Thrones episode to its real-life extreme.


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4 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: we hide their dead — and ours — in a war we have no stomach for

  1. klewso

    We’re not allowed to see a lot of what has been done in our name, including as sponsors of some bloody ugly governments (the price of doing business) – but we are allowed to see and seethe at the ramifications?

  2. Forever Marshall

    who’s dead? the only dead who is being hidden is the white man, pictures of slaughtered brown people have, and continue to be shared freely on twitter for years, but now the white man dies and all of a sudden it’s “we need to show respect”, please. spare me.

    They no longer act on behalf of a political class but on behalf of their own diminished interests;
    wrong. the whereabouts of james foley was withheld from media publication at the behest of security forces. and if you think main stream media doesn’t reflexively publish state propaganda when told to do so then you should stop impersonating helen razer.

    also i’m too drunk right now to know if you said this, but this “we’re too good to show that” posturing appears in part to at least separate media outlets from each other. witness the swift retribution which “progressive” media outlets unleashed to the new york post for “That Front Page”, in a fractured environment where the feels of a consumer translates directly to clicks, for a mdeia outlet to separate itself as some moral bastion will resonate strongly with some of the whiter soccer moms out there…..

  3. Ken Lambert

    Only 2 comments to this Razer sharp piece in 24 hours.

    Is that because no-one can understand Razer’s psychobabblous shite??

  4. AR

    Stick to wittering about yogurt weavers in St Kilda, this is not your forte.

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