June 2012 was a tumultuous month in the Australian media industry. And thanks to secret documents obtained by Crikey, we now know just how tumultuous it was for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. In a move slammed by journalists and hailed by the company's investors, in June 2012 Fairfax's CEO rolled up his sleeves and announced a bold cost-cutting plan to cut 1900 staff.  Change was also afoot at News Corp. New CEO Kim Williams -- a man not from the world of newspapers, who would be ousted by August 2013 -- unveiled new cost-cutting plans centred on a “one city, one newsroom” strategy. But unlike his counterpart at Fairfax, Williams didn’t say how many of his company's staff would be cut as a result. Courtesy of leaked documents, Crikey can today reveal the News Corp cuts that took place in the year following this address, lifting the veil on the transformation that occurred in the media giant.

Of 8019 positions that existed across News Corp's consolidated newspaper divisions on June 30, 2012, only 7032 remained just a year later.