Aug 20, 2014

Get a warrant: why more oversight is central to national security reform

A proposal to require more external oversight of intelligence agencies as their powers are extended goes to the heart of the debate about more anti-terrorism laws.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The government is under pressure to significantly modify aspects of its first set of national security reforms after bureaucrats and intelligence officials failed to allay concerns from both major parties.

Particularly problematic are two areas: the nebulous new concept of “ASIO affiliates” and the proposal for “special intelligence operations”, which has been strongly criticised by media outlets.

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5 thoughts on “Get a warrant: why more oversight is central to national security reform

  1. GF50

    Agree Bernard, not too be trusted at all. Get a warrant!

  2. Neutral

    Those who are interested in maintaining their privacy, civil liberties and presumption of innocence can sign a petition here:


    Those who subscribe to the moronic ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ philosophy should lead by example and get around naked, leave their curtains and blinds open and leave their house and car unlocked.

  3. Yclept

    Of course any new powers WILL be abused, as are all powers conferred to any organisation. Self regulation does NOT work!

  4. ZA

    “…the new concept of “ASIO affiliate”, which would enable non-ASIO officials, including foreign intelligence services, to perform a range of ASIO functions, including surveillance and obtaining data on Australians.”

    Ah… More opportunity for Political, Military and Commercial Espionage…

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