Aug 20, 2014

Exclusive docs show News’ Australian papers dragging down the empire

Leaked documents show a forest of brackets in News Corp’s Australian newspapers, with The Australian particularly in the red. How long can the house that Rupert built sustain such body blows?

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Internal operating accounts for the Australian arm of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation show alarming revenue and profit falls across the metropolitan newspapers in fiscal 2013, and widening losses at flagship broadsheet The Australian.

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33 thoughts on “Exclusive docs show News’ Australian papers dragging down the empire

  1. paddy

    Fascinating stuff.
    Made even more deliciously ironic, by the fact that while Crikey spills the beans on Murdoch’s earnings, it steadfastly refuses to reveal it’s own subscription/earnings figures.

    (hint) We subscribers would love to know. 🙂

  2. JohnB

    Is this news or News?

    Holes this large can only be hidden under a pile of other data for a brief time. Each year brings us closer to the eventual Day of Reckoning.

  3. Bill Hilliger

    My personal thanks to all those who no longer buy or support News Corpse products. The boycott is starting to work. Remember bad news for News Corpse …is good news for Australia and Australian democracy.

  4. Jeff Richards

    Wonderful news. I havent bought a Murdoch / Moloch * paper in years. I will dance on the grave of the Australian, that trashy rag of Abbotts ‘Team Australia’.

    *Moloch, also spelled Molech, a deity to whom child sacrifices were made throughout the ancient Middle East. The name derives from combining the consonants of the Hebrew melech (“king”) with the vowels of boshet (“shame”), the latter often being used in the Old Testament as a variant name for the popular god Baal (“Lord”)…The laws given to Moses by God expressly forbade the Jews to do what was done in Egypt or in Canaan. “You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God” (Lev. 18:21).” (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

  5. Lord Barry Bonkton

    A GOOD NEWS Story from Rupert, Ha ha green shoots on the Nullarbor ? Time for EVERYBODY to dump your Foxtel!

  6. Electric Lardyland

    Of course, writing for constantly loss making papers, won’t stop News Ltd commentators endlessly lecturing the rest of Australia on the merits of fundamentalist market economics and how the market should be the final arbiter.
    I mean, hey guys, don’t the figures suggest that maybe the rabid, reactionary bilge, might not be working anymore and maybe it’s time to try a different approach?

  7. Johansen Frank

    Ha ha. So the maggots will crawl out of the stinking corpse and go looking for another job- where to- oh the ABC. The irony is both delicious and frightening.

  8. klewso

    Trading-in professional objectivity for political partisanship – to foist/sell their own personal opinions to the electorate/punters – what did they expect it would cost them?

  9. Brian Williams

    Electric Lardyland – another way to put it is that the fundamentalist market economics so beloved of the News Ltd crew will result in their ultimate demise, as the market refuses to pay for their twaddle. Has irony ever been so delicious.

  10. sanz

    So who will author “Killing News Limited”?

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