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Aug 20, 2014

Crikey says: leaked News Corp docs reveal awful truth

Inside News Corp: exclusive leaked documents show the real state of the company: circulation, staff and profits haemorrhaging, advertisers jumping ship, the Oz a protected species. Plus: Lambie is right -- a clash with China is coming. The shadowy entity devouring Sydney’s land. Keane on draconian new spy provisions. Victorian Young Labor's feral factions. Why Muslims are boycotting SBS Insight. And the Tele’s racist gag.

The collapse of the newspaper and journalism industry is one of the least-covered stories in the mainstream Australian media. The big media companies want us to believe that there’s no real problem with journalism, that they’re in control and that they know how to fix their business models.


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8 thoughts on “Crikey says: leaked News Corp docs reveal awful truth

  1. klewso

    Where are you going to find “accountability journalism” in a “That’s Entertainment” Murdochracy?

  2. Electric Lardyland


  3. klewso

    You would think this of “public interest” – and we all know how committed to “pubic interest” Limited News is.
    So why aren’t we getting it from their “horse’s mouth”?

  4. rachel612

    “This matters because large-scale accountability journalism is central to everything that underpins democracy in Australia. Without this journalism…”

    The problem is we’ve not seen accountability journalism much from any of the big mastheads in recent years. ICAC aside (and face it, that’s because of an aggressive ICAC prosecutor as much as any media), some of the big stories have been coming from independent outlets (New Matilda etc).

    Big-brand journalism destroyed itself with clickbait a long time ago.

    I could get clickbait on Facebook or Buzzfeed if I was so inclined. Why do I need the SMH or the Australian?

  5. graybul

    Crikey, are you saying . . We can’t live WITH the Murdoch Media . . and we can’t live WITHOUT them??

  6. Gavin Moodie

    Apparently the ABC doesn’t exist. Crikey can also lose the sexism: ‘ . . . journalism — manned by a few thousand independent reporters and editors whose wages are paid mainly by the revenues from commercial newspaper advertising . . . ‘.

  7. CML

    I can’t be bothered reading anything more than this editorial, so your other half-dozen articles on Limited News are wasted on me, I’m afraid.
    Can’t wait for it to disintegrate – that biased and untruthful lot do more harm to democracy than good.
    We have lots of other reliable sources for gathering info regarding the news. ABC, while not perfect, is about 99% better than Ltd News will ever be. Then there is the Guardian with very good journalists, who write well researched articles. And lots more smaller sites on the net.
    So don’t get your knickers in a knot, Crikey! I think the demise of the Murdochracy will improve democracy in this country!!

  8. AR

    Klewi – ‘horse’s mouth’ or arse makes little difference except that perhaps the former makes more noise when the shit comes out.

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