Aug 19, 2014

Tim Blair journeys to western Sydney, finds Muslims, freaks out

Remember "fair go for the west"? It's all very well and good in theory, but when Tele columnist Tim Blair makes a sojourn (to his own city) he brings his Islamophobia with him, writes Overland editor Jeff Sparrow

Haldon Street, Lakemba

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11 thoughts on “Tim Blair journeys to western Sydney, finds Muslims, freaks out

  1. Russell

    Tim Blair probably doesn’t need a rebuke from Crikey, he copped quite a bit from Tele readers themselves over this piece of idiotic hysteria. Most them already live in Sydney’s multi-cultural heartland anyway, the western suburbs… Surrounded by Muslims, Koreans Fijians, Islanders, Chinese and even the odd (very rare, this) Crikey reader like myself, they’ve pretty well worked out for themselves that they’re unlikely to be victims of some homicidal jihadist.

    Ironically, Tim would be far more comfortable in the suburbs Crikey readers do live in – Balmain, Mosman, Newtown. No one but white people there.

  2. SusieQ

    Its so obvious to everyone except them – and they wonder why sales are falling.

  3. Alex

    Well said, Jeff, and finished off with a very satisfying last paragraph.

  4. Peter Hannigan

    Perhaps what we need is a cultural version of ‘Go back where you came from’. SBS could drop some monocultural types into full emersion in a different culture. I would suggest the less affluent Middle East and South Asia for a start.

  5. Bob's Uncle

    Anti-terror laws, “Team Australia”, more dog-whistling on Muslim issues, no suprises here as conservatives feel under pressure and revert to their safety zone.

    All they are missing is some ridiculous explanation for why this is all part of Labor’s mess.

  6. jmendelssohn

    The problem Peter is that after some “monocultural types” (aka university students) were dropped into the multicultural inner west of Sydney some years ago, they loved the experience so much that after they graduated they bought out the real estate, making Newtown, Marrickville etc outrageously expensive and sending the previously well established residents south-west to Bankstown. We don’t want to make any more of the good parts of the country unaffordable because of yuppy drop-ins.

  7. Chris Key

    Anti-terrorism laws are obviously not required, so there must be another reason for Aus doing this.

  8. Draco Houston

    “Anti-terrorism laws are obviously not required, so there must be another reason for Aus doing this.”

    General crime fighting, Abbott said this himself at the presser announcing it all. Why is anyone shocked the anti-terrorism laws aren’t to do with terrorism? The PM gave it all away the first night!

  9. Scott Grant

    Great heavens! That photo must have been taken really early in the morning. I have never, ever, seen the street so empty and clear of cars.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    CHRIS KEY: The other reason being the desire to deflect the voters from realising Tony Abbott’s government is full of old white men who do nothing but blunder about making fools of themselves. Erica Betz anyone?

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