Aug 19, 2014

The ghost of Kevin lingers, but Swan regrets nothing

Freed from the confines of being in the government frontbench, Wayne Swan is ready to let loose on Kevin Rudd and what's wrong with the economy.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

Leaving politics usually works wonders for people’s health, and so it was that a younger, more cheerful Wayne Swan bounced onto the stage at the University of Technology, Sydney last night to talk about his latest book, The Good Fight.

Swan, of course, is still an opposition backbencher, but he has had a distinguished 19-year career in politics, including six years as treasurer and three years as deputy prime minister. Writing the book, which focuses mainly on the Labor government’s response to the global financial crisis and the leadership issues, has obviously put him in a very good mood, and it was with a flourish that he signed my copy last night, “Keep up the good fight”.

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4 thoughts on “The ghost of Kevin lingers, but Swan regrets nothing

  1. zut alors

    It was almost three years ago Wayne Swan was named best finance minister by the international Euromoney magazine for his handling of the GFC crisis.

    This is an award which Joe Hockey is never in danger of winning …nor even being mentioned on the short list.

  2. CML

    I am fed up to the back teeth with yet another journalist tipping a bucket on Kevin Rudd, and obviously believing everything the vindictive Swan has written in his book. (I certainly won’t be reading it!)
    For the umpteenth time, Margo (and many others), where is your PROOF that Rudd ever leaked anything to the press about your idol, Julia???? The man has consistently said that he DID NOT do so.
    Therefore, I suggest to you that until we have EVIDENCE to the contrary, it is now a matter of who you believe – Swan or Rudd, including their various supporters/denigrators.
    Apart from all that, even if Rudd did so, he was more than entitled after what Gillard did – plotting to remove a sitting PM, when I, and many others, voted for the Labor Party BECAUSE Rudd was going to be PM.
    The utter contempt that the media has managed to heap upon this man, is NOT deserved. Regardless of what Swan might want us to believe!!!!

  3. graybul

    Wayne, your term of Treasurer gave us AAA rating . . wear it as a ‘Laurel’ You showed loyalty, when others did not. You wore defeat with dignity, and left it to another to cry.

    Would that others of your calling heed your example. Thank you!

  4. AR

    CML – Laurie Oakes, his very own thundering herd, cited Krudd as the source for the 2010 leaks.
    As for Krudd’s denials, see Mandy Rice-Davies.

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