Aug 19, 2014

Remember WMD? Just labelling something ‘terrorism’ isn’t enough

Not all terrorist groups want the same thing, and you can't spy on millions of Australians with the blanket rationale of the War on Terror, writes international relations professor Dr Scott Burchill.

In Overblown, distinguished American political scientist John Mueller exposed how politicians and the terrorism industry grossly exaggerated the threat of terrorism after 9/11.


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10 thoughts on “Remember WMD? Just labelling something ‘terrorism’ isn’t enough

  1. Chris Key

    I seem to recall the saying: Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Who then has benefited from the massive expenditures on anti-terroism?

    Who has benefited from the massive erosion of civil liberties?

    Better not to ask.

  2. sparky

    Thought bubble: Do you think that people who go fight in these foreign ‘whatevers’ see it as a “what happens on the Gold Coast stays on the Gold Coast”/ end of team tour thing? I know there be a proportion of batsh*t crazies but surely there’d be other sorts.

  3. paddy

    Excellent work there Dr B.
    So refreshing to read a bit of sanity for a change.

  4. old greybeard

    I reckon if you go to fight for another country, then stay there. I also think we should remember that we were supporting the aims of the anti-Assad jihadis. We have lain down with the our way we have helped build ISIS. I also think that the fighting overseas should apply to those going to Israel. The IDF certainly acts like a terrorist group at times and has certainly committed war crimes on occasion. No doubt we will retain our dishonest Israel can do no wrong approach. I am not saying Hammas is good, just that Israel is often bad.
    just t

  5. CML

    Right on, old greybeard!
    Funny how no one wants to talk about the slaughter in Gaza. It’s all about ISIS and Iraq. Oh! I forgot – they are MOSLEM terrorists!!

  6. MJPC

    What we learn from history is that we never learn from history was true in 1914, 1939, in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and today. I am certain it will be the case in the future.
    The problem is that the “enemy” has learned the lessons of history, hence IS use of social media.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    Perhaps young men would be less inclined to go and fight for IS if they knew the law applied also to young Jews who go to fight in Israel?

  8. AR

    There are fewer than 30,000 jihadis ‘controlling’ an area of northern Syria/Iraq about the size of the UK.
    Obama has just been on the meeja reading the Langley script about how they are a threat to Western civilisation and will take ..insert random number… years to defeat.
    Who knew that the entire edifice of our world was so brittle?
    They orda do summat ’bout it.

  9. The Pedanticist

    Also funny how noone wants to talk about West Papua – a humanitarian AND human rights crisis much closer to home than what is happening on the other side of the world…

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