We’re chuffed to welcome Department of Australia, aka Leslie Nassar, to the Crikey stable.

Nassar’s photo memes have been an occasional feature in Crikey, so we’re excited (and a little nervous) to announce that his Bureau of Regret, a round-up of hastily deleted tweets, will now be a regular feature, alongside other tech-savvy exposes.

Nassar is a technology consultant and former Telstra employee with a keen eye for satire. His rise to internet fame as Fake Stephen Conroy in 2009 resulted in an awkward dance between the (real) then-communications minister and the telco giant’s PR machine.

Nassar describes his Bureau of Regret as an exercise in, um, transparency:

“Politicians have grown adept at parroting the talking points of the day, so it’s only when they mess up a private message and accidentally show us their dicks that we really know what they’re made of. In the interest of seeing everyone’s dick, I dreamt up the Bureau of Regret, a semi-regular round-up of the week in deleted tweets.”

He told Crikey:

“I love humor and satire. Even where I am expressly forbidden from practicing humor by an employee contract or government mandate, I will go to criminal lengths to try and find a way to scratch that itch.”

“Department of Australia started out as a goof on photo memes and social media, but it quickly took on a life of its own. I couldn’t ask for a better partner than Crikey to take it to the next level. I’ve never paid for Crikey, but I am pretty excited at being paid by them. First Dog has to give me his Walkley now, right?”

We’re excited to be paying you, too, Dept of Oz.

Peter Fray

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