Middle East

Aug 19, 2014

A year after Rabaa massacre, Egypt has gone from bad to worse

A year ago, hundreds of Egyptians were massacred by the police and army. Fast forward 12 months and it’s clear that was only the beginning for human rights abuses, writes Rachel Williamson, freelance journalist in Cairo.


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2 thoughts on “A year after Rabaa massacre, Egypt has gone from bad to worse

  1. Kevin Herbert

    Just another national disaster brought to you by the good old USA, under the yoke of AIPAC: see link:


    After the 2016 US Presidential election, the US will drag back its Middle East funding of criminal regimes such as Egypt & Israel – and a new beginning for the region will emerge.

    For Israel, it will ultimately come down returning to the GReen Line OR to the Samson Solution…..after that, who knows?

  2. AR

    Small point Rachel – despite early hopes … al-Sisi would fulfil 2011’s promise , umm… what sort of deluded dimwit would think such a thing?
    Removing my tinfoil hat for a moment (sheesh, it’s a cruel world without it..)let us never forget that the US bankrolls, trains & equips the Egyptian military and are perfectly happy with the situation you describe, either through pig (sic!)ignorance & arrogance or at the behest of AIPAC matters little, the baleful effects are the same.

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