Aug 18, 2014

Media briefs: Emmo v Bolt … bad news for News Corp … Vive la revolution! …

Andrew Bolt got more than he bargained for when he invited Craig Emerson on the Bolt Report. And other media tidbits of the day.

Who’s a racist? It was a particularly crazy time on the Sunday shows this week. Something went badly wrong with the filter on The Bolt Report, and actual debate got past the filtering process. It happened when Craig Emerson was invited on, a reliable Labor free-marketeer whose presence can give the show a false appearance of left-right balance. Alas! When Bolt swung his guns round on the indigenous constitutional recognition push (and Qantas’ support of it) declaring the campaign to be “racist”, Emmo hit back, telling Bolt that that was an offensive judgement, and that by that token, or any other, Bolt himself was racist. At this point, the Bolter’s Dutch cap blew off with outrage, and he accused Emmo of being, yes, offensive. He appeared to be more offended, even flabbergasted, that he had been challenged on his own crapulous Pravda-hour. Scratch another reliable stooge — Emmo won’t be back.

Mad as that was, it was an Oxford debate compared to the bizarre spectacle that unfolded on Insiders, when Gerard Henderson and David Marr were side by side on the white couch, and both decked out in shades of blue, like a giant Rothko. Poor old Hendo had a tough time of it trying to defend the NSW Liberal Party, to which he is emotionally attached, at a time when 10% of the party’s lower house has been lost to the party whip through corruption. “The only thing that ICAC has done is to remove two innocent premiers” he said, going for the surreal lie. Nevertheless, Marr inevitably led with his jaw and let Hendo get a sneaky uppercut in on Abbott’s Scottish remarks “Gerard, try not to think like a monarchist, try to think like a lawyer…” “Well, I’m both a republican and a law graduate, so…” Classic Marr, left hisself wide open. Hendo wore a blue denim shirt (Anne! For godsake!) and Marr was in blue jeans. It looked like they’d skinned the one animal and shared the pelt.

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7 thoughts on “Media briefs: Emmo v Bolt … bad news for News Corp … Vive la revolution! …

  1. DF

    Given the context, I don’t think it would be Swan saying “Let them eat cake”. That would surely be the members of this government defending the current budget.

    The Courier-Mail has been not smart enough by half. Perhaps they could check Marie-Antoinette on Wikipedia.

  2. Bill Hilliger

    You know that news organisation. Continuing slide in newspaper sales …weak results in Australia, weak newsprint advertising, etc. Long may it continue. All this so called bad news is good news for Australian democracy

  3. zut alors

    ‘Hendo wore a blue denim shirt (Anne! For godsake!) and Marr was in blue jeans. It looked like they’d skinned the one animal and shared the pelt.’

    Thanks for the laughs, Mr Rundle. My stomach won’t allow me to watch the B0lter so I appreciate this entertaining glimpse.

  4. leon knight

    Zut, you have your shows mixed up, the pelts were on the ABC…and even though Gerard is a bit hard to stomach, he is a comparative breath of fresh air compared to the Bolt.
    My stomach is as tough as, but I can only take very short stretches of the Dolt Report before involuntary retching sets in and I have to turn him off…just thinking about it now makes me a bit bilious..!!

  5. zut alors

    Leon, I actually saw Insiders which made Guy’s pelts comment especially funny.

    The Bolter remark was unrelated.

  6. JimDocker

    I prefer David Marr when he is making solid points rather than wasting time stirring up Gerard Henderson. GH will make enough silly comments without DM’s baiting.

  7. AR

    Not sure that I rilly,rilly want to see Marianne’s Swan-like breasts.

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