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Budget emergency needs to be addressed

Crikey readers talk metadata and the budget emergency.

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4 thoughts on “Budget emergency needs to be addressed

  1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Philip Argy, according to an AFR report from February this year, “The revenue raised directly by the carbon price mechanism of $6.6 billion in 2012-13 is slightly higher than the $6.5 billion forecast in last year’s budget.” By my calculation, that would be $18 million per day now foregone by the Abbott government in pursuit of a political whim to get rid of the carbon tax. If there is that much of a budget emergency in Australia, how come this government can just dismiss already available income of $18 million PER DAY?

  2. GF50

    Hugh Mc. you were expecting something rational?

  3. Peter Evans

    Giving Philip Argy the benefit of the doubt and assuming his maths is correct, then when Hockey got into the Treasury last September, the interest bill was only $22 million/day. the great man saw fit to double it to $44 million/day without so much as a wimper from his fellow travellers, so perhaps Mr Argy should direct his ire in his own direction.

  4. zut alors

    Steven Petrenko, or perhaps Minister for Grimm’s Fairy Tales…