Petrol prices must go up

Crikey readers talk fuel excise, Joe Hockey and why Labor shafted single mums.


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3 thoughts on “Petrol prices must go up

  1. cairns50

    what has Mexico has this got to do with being in the OECD and petrol prices? how far advanced is Austtralia in terms of internal security safety etc ahead of Mexico, your argument is false and misleading

  2. ilolatu

    Martin Gordon missed the point of the article. The point was that Hockey can make good arguments for the fuel excise but he doesn’t

  3. Bill Hilliger

    Martin Gordon: …The ALP put in place twice annual CPI-linked excise increases, with minimal fuss and without a mandate in 1983. True.

    John Howard scrapped the CPI linked excise increases with support of almost all the current coalition front bench members in order secure votes to gain his way into office. The coalition made a rod for its own back.

    There is no reason for the ALP to support the introduction of a new CPI linked excise only to see it scrapped once again by the coalition when they’re desperate enough to gain voter support to hold office.

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