Aug 14, 2014

Why Telstra’s David Thodey is filthy, filthy rich

Along with its strong full-year profit results, Telstra today published its remuneration report for 2013-14. It shows David Thodey’s total remuneration in the five full years since he became chief executive in May 2009 has reached $33 million.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Thodey is a CEO at the top of his game and has overseen strong total shareholder returns in that period. Nevertheless, he took a 9% pay cut last year — from $8.8 million to $8.2 million — but as we shall see, Telstra also helpfully provides a set of tables that show he actually received $12.8 million, up 33% from last year’s $9.6 million (and it was $4.8 million the year before that).


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9 thoughts on “Why Telstra’s David Thodey is filthy, filthy rich

  1. bushby jane

    Obscene, while us plebs have to suffer call centre staff who are either incompetent or we can’t understand a word they say, customer satisfaction information should surely show this; but hey, the share price is apparently everything.

  2. David Camfield

    For the background call waiting music alone he deserves some fat cash bonus

  3. Matt Hardin

    So meeting the threshold, I.e. Just doing his job gets him a bonus. How do I get to have a job like that?

  4. CML

    No one, repeat NO ONE, is worth that kind of money. I don’t care who they are, or what they do!
    How much does President Obama receive for running an outfit several thousand times the size of Telstra?
    The whole thing is obscene!!

  5. MJPC

    How much did he get on top for shafting the workers in Australia and helping the employment numbers in India?

  6. Scott

    When you outperform the ASX200 by around 16% cummulatively over the last 5 years, you get rewarded by the shareholders. (that doesn’t include dividends..telstra dividend yield is around 5% a year vs 4% for the greater ASX200)
    I think, as a shareholder, I’m getting a bargain. Don’t mind paying for quality, especially if it increases my wealth.
    I think the Federal and State Governments should be happy with Telstra’s performance as well. $1.77 billion in cash taxes paid over the year.

  7. tonyfunnywalker

    Nice reward for sabotaging the NBN.

  8. AR

    No Entitlement to see here,move along…

  9. Yclept

    Absolutely obscene. And Scott @#6, he didn’t do it by himself, but you would think so by the remuneration.

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