Aug 14, 2014

Rundle: Hockey’s suicide machine successfully alienates every single voter

Poor people with cars are the latest segment of the voting population to be attacked from on high by the Coalition. How is the party getting so repeatedly wrong?

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Suicide machines is how Bruce Springsteen described cars, in one of his 937 songs about them. The description would be better attached to the Abbott government, which appears to be engaged in a systematic process to alienate every section of the public who might consider voting for it.

What’s impressive is the bases that it covers. Starting with multicultural Australia via the new bigots’ rights movement, moving on those genuinely looking for work, and then to all women — with the abortion/breast cancer finagle, and Education Minister Pissy Cryin’s suggestion that women will pay less HECS because they study to be nurses. That last one came at the end of a week so error-filled that most of us didn’t even have time to pick up on it.

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44 thoughts on “Rundle: Hockey’s suicide machine successfully alienates every single voter

  1. SusieQ

    (that line is from Born to Run by the way…)
    Its the uncaring attitude in all of this thats so disturbing from ‘the government of adults’.

  2. Pamela

    Its kinda nice really- these bastards who crippled the previous government with constant attack and denigration- now they are crippling them selves all by themselves.
    The Opposition are too lily -livered to even rise to the occasion but we the people need not despair. These self appointed eejits are so compulsively thick, mean and stoopid that they are competing with each other in the death race.
    Each day another one of them gets out of bed and opens their mouths to prove their stupidity, cupidity and lack of merit.

  3. graybul

    Talk about disconnect! Cigar smoking, Treasured Joe hockey’s latest fallacious claim about low income citizens not owning/driving cars far, perfectly illustrates danger of living on the North Shore!!

  4. MJPC

    Guy, excellent summary of the ineptitude of Uncle Joe. Something lost in translation of his comments is also that the better paid and those idle rich higher up the totem pole, lease cars either through company structures or salary sacrifice, which means that part of their car usage will be paid for by the rest of us who don’t have this luxury.
    Hence the Libs looking after their mates when they quickly rescinded the Labour legislation addressing private km usage of leased vehicles.

  5. Draco Houston

    “There is an IDF-quality to the appearance of precision given by the Abbott government disaster squad — it’s as if they ring people five minutes beforehand to tell them they’re about to lose their vote.”

  6. zut alors

    Thanks, Guy, I’d missed that nugget from the lips of the Education Minister.

    Has anyone thought to tell Hockey that some poor people actually live in their cars? Perhaps best to keep that fact quiet lest he impose an Occupied Vehicle tax.

  7. klewso

    Crass warfare from these “Kamikaze Cocks”?
    [“Tramps like us,
    Baby we were Born to Rule???????”?]
    How many of us can drive two or more cars at once to get somewhere?
    Let alone the age of some of those less efficient motors “the lower classes” have to use, because they can’t afford new ones?
    [Me? “I’m Waitin’ for the Man …. from ICAC”?]

  8. Mendoza

    It is about time the citizens of these areas turned on the government rather than asylum seekers or welfare recipients.
    But it won’t happen and the whole circus trundles along.

  9. klewso

    From the Book of “Sloppy Joe’s Sicko-fancy” :-
    [“Pay more for petrol – have less for your health co-payment!”?]

  10. klewso

    And – it wasn’t written down – didn’t he say this was going to be a “government of Rhodes”?

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