Aug 14, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: oh, those crazy cave ladies and their crazy PMS

Since Hippocrates first made observations about the wandering womb, studies have sought to separate the myth of menses from verifiable fact.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Here is an image of an enraged lady in knitwear:

As it turns out, she’s not angry because she was cruelly fooled into buying a jumper with ugly blouson sleeves. She has the shits because she’s just found out she was used to illustrate a sensationalist press release generated by Macquarie University.

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9 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: oh, those crazy cave ladies and their crazy PMS

  1. Trevor Peacock

    Poor old Sarah Lund! Her choice of ugly jumpers marks her out as permanently premenstrual.

  2. mikeb

    Oh dear. As the sole male in a 5 person post-puberty household I cannot hold a view on PMS in any public fashion. My man-cave remains the only refuge.

  3. Hunted Snark

    It never ceases to amaze me how daft people are about human evolution. Can it really be that all these researches actually think that all of our mental foibles (real and culturally-enhanced) have – of themselves – to have been ‘adaptive’ at some point? Have they no concept of lock-in? have they no concept of ‘survival of the barely adequate’?

    ‘Hmm,’ they say, ‘clinical depression’s a real bummer – but, hell, it hasn’t been bred out of us yet, so it MUST have been selected for! Let’s figure out some elaborate, barely plausible, and unverifiable excuse for it. (and publish a flock of papers)’


    PS: Nice piece.

  4. Catherine Scott

    James Boyce makes the well supported claim that evolutionary psychology is where original sin went once there was no religious framework to support it. Works really: ingrained nasty stuff programed into humans by our origins.

    I have to say any of this sexual selection stuff always gives me giggle. I picture spotty young men getting all warmed up over ‘mate choice’.

    It’s all premised on an unsupportable belief that the primeval male was blessed with what young Dr Spotty craves: an endless array of women to select from, as if early hominid bands numbered somewhere in the vicinity of New York city. In truth there weren’t that many people to choose from, to the extent that sometimes it had be a Neanderthal or nothing.

    Yes to the cultural aspect. English women bang on and on about PMS in ways that are just not seen in Oz. It smacks of one of those disadvantages that only women suffer, which cause misogynist men such joy, ensuring that they go on about whatever ‘womanly weakness’ it is.

  5. mikeb

    @Catherine. It won’t be spotty young men getting the spoils under this theory. It will be the alpha males who aren’t put of by Ms Ugh’s crazy-time. The lesser cave-wimps will have to amuse themselves while the cave-men get the booty calls. Nothing much has changed.

  6. AR

    I’m always fascinated by the way other women react with a PMS in the vicinity.
    Wonder if the “researcher” has heard of, let alone be able to spell, ‘synchronous cycles’?
    The primary reason polygynous societies have lower birthrates than the, fallaciously named, monogamous ones.

  7. AR

    … and never forgetting, though rarely acknowledged, the relatively few periods pre domesticated women would have had, wot wiff all that thar breeding & suckling.

  8. Helen Razer

    Synchronous cycles have been largely proven to be a myth

  9. AR

    Razer..!?!?! you can NOT be serious!?!? Only an utterly deracinated woman could say that – have you no female friends?

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