Aug 13, 2014

Doubts over 3AW’s world exclusive with Islamic State commander

It's unlikely a man interviewed on 3AW claiming to be Islamic State's military commander Omar Shishani is the Chechen jihadi leader.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Terrorism experts have raised serious doubts about whether an interview that aired on 3AW on Monday purporting to be with Islamic State military commander Omar al-Shishani was actually conducted with the Islamic State military leader.


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6 thoughts on “Doubts over 3AW’s world exclusive with Islamic State commander

  1. Robert Barwick

    Russia warned the West not to get in bed with these jihadists in Syria, from direct experience with people such as Shishani. As British columnist Max Hastings wrote in London’s 9 August Daily Mail, “And I cannot forget that when David Cameron’s government was so schoolboyishly eager to give support to the rebels attacking the tyranny of Syria’s President Assad, a very senior British soldier friend said to me: ‘This is the first time in my career that I think the Russians have a point. They keep waggling their fingers and saying to us “be careful what you wish for”. They believe the anti-Assad jihadis represent a threat to us all, and they may be right’.” Russia also wisely opposed the illegal invasion of Iraq on a lie, which ultimately is responsible for unleashing these monsters. It’s time the West stopped demonising Russia, and paid attention to its advice.

  2. CML

    @ Robert Barwick – I agree with your comments.
    Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria don’t seem to have turned out all that well for the western alliance!! IMHO the Ukraine is a disaster waiting to happen as well, if they continue to disregard Russian input.

  3. Kevin Herbert

    Robert Barwick:

    totally agree re Russia, who unlike the US, don’t have the MIC, AIPAC & the State Department baying for more war profiteering.

  4. Forever Marshall

    i’m just wondering why america decided to to wait until after they’d funnelled hundreds of millions of dollars of arms to these guys and spent years giving them military training in order to decide to “do something”? and what’s this talk of “genocide”? nary a peep from the neocons as israel was busy murdering children in their sleep but now “the big bad muslims gon’ gecha!” ….. spare me, and abbott trying his hardest to get australia embroiled in yet another conflict in the middles east after how many failed decades?

  5. MJPC

    “What we learn from History, is that we learn nothing from history”.
    Robert Barwick I also agree. During WW2 Field Marshall Montgomery gave the resistance in France short shrift because he had dealt with resistance in the middle east prior to WW2 and stated irregular forces could never be trusted.
    In Afghanistan the US supported Bin Ladan against the Russians and they were repaid for their help at 9/11. When is the west going to learn. I think Lenin said that he could sell the west the rope to hang themselves.

  6. AR

    Two words – “blow” & “back”.
    If violent men are given weapons & carte blance by the donors they are not going to open a vegan restaurant.

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