Middle East

Aug 12, 2014

‘This is Gaza’: amid bombed-out buildings, hope and a helping hand

Freelance journalist Armando Cordoba writes from Gaza, where local grassroots groups are doing what they can to help the local people survive the war.

Coming up to one of the makeshift homes of a Palestinian family inside a warehouse in the Gaza Strip, Omar Fathy Gragee tells us he would love to let us inside, but his wife had just had a baby, with no electricity, running water, food or supplies. I asked Gragee how he and the 30 others of his family from Shejaiya were surviving. He said: “We are trying to get whatever we can from people.”


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2 thoughts on “‘This is Gaza’: amid bombed-out buildings, hope and a helping hand

  1. The Pedanticist

    OK – Gaza is pretty terrible. And it’s in the Middle East so full of strategic import. But where are the articles about the genocidal activities of Indonesia taking place in West Papua? It may lack the high tech shock and awe of the IDF but why does the Australian media continually ignore the colonial excesses of Indonesia in West Papua, where it is estimated that between 1963 and 1969 the Indonesian military were responsible for the deaths of 30,000 West Papuans. And since then a further 420,00 have been killed.

    Yes Gaza is appalling, but no more appalling that what is happening to our (Australia’s) immediate north.

  2. Kevin Herbert


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