Aug 11, 2014

Media briefs: EMMA winners and losers … Quadrant own goal … IPA says ABC biased …

Some newspapers boosted their print circulations, according to the latest figures. And other media tidbits of the day.

Weekend AFR loses 30% of readership in a year. Most newspapers get a circulation boost on the weekend, but not The Australian Financial Review. Read mostly by business professionals at work, the gap between its weekday circulation and that of its weekend edition is widening after the weekend paper posted a 31% circulation decline, according to Enhanced Media Metrics Australia figures released this morning.

The Weekend AFR had an average issue readership of 118,000 in June 2014, compared to 170,000 in June 2013. The paper’s weekday edition held onto its circulation far better, down just 4000 readers over the past year (it’s read by 308,000 on weekdays, according to EMMA).

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6 thoughts on “Media briefs: EMMA winners and losers … Quadrant own goal … IPA says ABC biased …

  1. klewso

    “Disagree with the Opinions For Sale of the IPA hookers = bias”?????

  2. klewso

    How can the ABC win against that brand of supercilious intransigent perversity?
    If they parroted the one-eyed bought-and-paid-for pro-conservative line pushed by the “IPA Big Brother Fossil Fools Choir Ink;” – that same ring of buffoons would take offence at that too? …. Wouldn’t they?
    To hell with diversity of opinion and how that could be actually benefit a civil society – they want to stifle alternate opinion to theirs?
    “It doesn’t matter if someone’s right – as long as they’re Right?

  3. Matthew of Canberra

    Isn’t the argument from economic benefit kind of a default position on every possible issue? Opening up all national parks to unregulated logging would have an economic benefit. Eliminating all environmental laws would have an economic benefit. Doing away with laws restricting cruelty to animals would have an economic benefit. Those things are all obvious – it’s like reporting that the sun came up this morning and it can only be stated so many different ways. The “yes, but” reponses are where the debate is. Is this not obvious?

  4. Mark Duffett

    If you’re pro-renewables, you’re pro-mining. Manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines ends up totalling quite a lot of mined resources per lifetime kWh generated.

  5. Itsarort

    The IPA is funded or has been funded by, Exxon, Phillip Morris, Caltex, Shell, Esso, British American Tobacco, etc, etc, etc… And now they suddenly claim that the ABC is biased; well bowl me over with a crude oil contaminated pelican feather…

  6. John Turner

    Re Sky Sports: the Now box (which also receives BBC channels etc) is well priced at £9.99 but the 6 channel day pass for the same amount seems expensive, especially as the picture quality is 720 not 1080p see

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