Aug 8, 2014

Stop whining and focus on fairness: a letter to Joe Hockey

If Joe Hockey wants to make his life a little easier, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer can offer some tips.

Dear Joe,

We couldn’t help but notice your outburst this week, in which you complained that the media was “polarised” and against you, Labor weren’t providing bipartisan support for you, and the business community was “weak” in its support. As you’re the steward of our economic fortunes and a successful Treasurer is an important part of a successful economy, we thought we’d offer you some thoughts on how, with your first anniversary in the job looming, you can make the rest of your time in the job more successful.

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29 thoughts on “Stop whining and focus on fairness: a letter to Joe Hockey

  1. Guwardi

    the other alternative, of course, Bernard/ Glenn is that he could just f**k off

  2. klewso

    Bloody hell Li’l Joe. It was good enough for you in Opposition – when Murdoch was your echo-chamber and amplifier?
    How would you like to put up with what Labor had?
    Let Cousin Jethro have a go!

  3. Popeye

    Gosh Bernard, Gosh Glenn! And to think that around this time last year you both thought Hockey had the makings of a good Treasurer. I didn’t, but that was no big deal. A degree in rocket science wasn’t really required to gauge this man’s capacity for any understanding of basic economics. At the time I did remark that a Nobel laureate wasn’t really required, just someone with a modicum of knowledge about how the system works. But Hockey, in opposition as shadow treasurer and now – heaven help us all – as Treasurer, gave little indication of any such understanding. As someone recently wrote on a blog somewhere, ‘he’d be out of his depth at McDonald’s’.

  4. stephen dolan

    Dear Joe,

    Harden the fuck up.


    Uncle Chopper

  5. Bill Hilliger

    We need to see more of Joe puffing cigars. It works wonders for his spivvy image. We just love the new whining Joe.

  6. bushby jane

    You assert in point 4 that low- and middle-income earners receive far more from the govt, but then in point 5 you assert that high-income earners receive far more super tax concessions. To me, tax concessions and govt payments are effectively the same thing.
    I think that there are groups who receive far more from the govt than low- and middle-income earners, miners and banks come to mind for a start.

  7. The Old Bill

    He could of course just produce a better budget, one that will maybe even pass the senate before the next election.
    One that sorts out the superannuation dilemma would balance the budget nicely.

  8. Jaybuoy

    What has Hockey ever done to demonstrate that his abilities are larger than his own high opinion of himself.. its classic Dunning–Kruger.. University politics seems to be an incubator for this effect..

  9. zut alors

    Being at the financial helm of one of the world’s richest countries boasting a AAA credit rating must be monumentally challenging. It’s certainly taken its toll on this formerly inoffensive bloke.

    In fact Hockey should be grateful he has a job at all – especially one for which he’s unqualified. Not to mention unsuitable.

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