Nice prank, Tharunka. Every year on the University of New South Wales' Foundation Day, students pull pranks. The tradition has a fairly rich history, and this year, UNSW's student publication Tharunka decided to get in on the fun by targeting media outlets. On Tharunka's website yesterday, they ran an article claiming UNSW students had occupied the local Max Brenner chocolate cafe in protest about the war in Gaza (Max Brenner was founded in Israel and delivers chocolate to IDF soldiers, though the Australian operation is licensed to a local owner who has nothing to do with that). "Approximately 30 protesters marched into the Max Brenner store on the Kensington campus less than one hour ago, shouting 'Free Palestine from the river to the sea!', 'Max Brenner, come off it , there’s blood in your hot chocolate!', and 'Netanyahu listen well, your Zionist soldiers will burn in hell'," the student rag reported under a breaking news headline. The prank, its editors told Crikey this morning, was that this never happened, but they wanted to see whether news outlets would report on the story, or seek to confirm it first. The Daily Telegraph, regrettably, fell for it. Here's a screenshot of the Tele article, since removed.

Tharunka even captured some reporters on the scene, hoping for their grabs: