Aug 7, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: give Women Against Feminism a chance

Young women no longer see feminism as a social justice movement of value -- and who can blame them?

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

When you are gone, there is a very good chance that your soul will be claimed for Utah. Latter Day Saints have the peculiar habit of finding dead sinners and reclaiming them for the name of Mormon. Even if you are untroubled by the possibility of your posthumous baptism, you might agree that it’s abhorrent for the LDS to steal Anne Frank’s soul for Jesus. Frank was one of many Holocaust victims covertly claimed in Salt Lake City.

Just as the First Presidency is unable to leave any human unnamed as a Mormon, popular feminism has recently got itself into a similar habit. Since women’s media transformed generally from a site that sells face creams and bad sex hints into a site that sells face creams and bad feminism, the matter of Who Is A Feminist has become strangely central.

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14 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: give Women Against Feminism a chance

  1. Jonathan Maddox

    FFS. You know Anne Frank wasn’t a Mormon because she never professed Mormonism, was never baptised Mormon, etc. etc. Feminism isn’t a church (not even a broad one), it’s the radical belief that women are first-class human beings. All the evidence you need to be labelled feminist is to *act* as though you think women are first-class human beings. People may as well be regarded as feminist by default, in fact, unless they actively disavow sexual equality by word or deed.

  2. Rohan G

    If Razor establishes anything it is that shitting on everything to do with social activism can earn you a crust as an opinion maker, even if your writing is actually terrible.

  3. Catherine Scott

    A couple of things: one way of trying to expunge the stain of coming from a low status group is to identify with the high status one: ‘I’m not a feminist, I’m a good girl, I do what daddy wants’. Or as another young mum said to me when I was a young mum: ‘I’m so glad I’ve only got boys and get to watch football instead of boring things like netball’.

    Point two: those groups/identities that coalesce around low status and exclusion from the centres of power always become very interested in the whole identity thing, who’s in and who’s out. Look at cults and sects of all kinds. It gives right wing idiots a great opportunity to bang on about ‘identity politics’. It’s not unique to feminism but from an anthropological perspective, utterly predictable that it should become a focus for some strands of feminism.

  4. gus thebus

    We need more women at the helms of planet-gouging corporations.

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