Savouring their victory. The parting of Mike Carlton and Fairfax has ushered in no small amount of gloating in News Corp’s papers this morning.

In The Australian, long-time Carlton sparring partner Gerard Henderson takes 500 words to say “I told you so”.

“The editorial team at the SMH has been aware of Carlton’s indiscretions for years,” Henderson thundered.

“Last November I specifically warned Goodsir that the SMH had a problem with Carlton, who was allowed to abuse Coalition voters, business figures, religious believers, parents who send their children to private schools, supporters of the right of Israel to exist within secure borders and more besides … Goodsir seemed unaware of the problem and ignorant of how Carlton interacted with his readers by tweets and email.”

At The Daily Telegraph, Ray Hadley has a go:

“Carlton didn’t become a bitter and twisted broadcaster, it was always part of his DNA.”

In case you’re wondering, here’s how the Tele illustrated its Carlton coverage.

We’re not sure why Carlton became a tattered Palestinian, but the Tele wasn’t the only one to equate Carlton with Palestinian warfare this morning. In its weekly edition, out this morning, the Australian Jewish News used its editorial to compare Carlton’s column to Hamas bombings.

“Just as the former Fairfax columnist had laid the blame for the current Gaza conflict solely at the feet of Israel, ignoring the role of Hamas in precipitating the Israeli operation and inflicting casualties on its people through the use of human shields, once again he ignored the role of the principal protagonist in his own demise, namely himself.”

Carlton made the front page of the AJN today, though it’s worth noting the paper was rather more restrained in its coverage than News Corp. — Myriam Robin

No more Offspring? Blame the ATO. Nina and the Offspring-ers have finished, unless a couple of tricky financial questions can be sorted out. The most important is that the program no longer qualifies for the 20% tax rebate because it is up to the maximum 65 episodes for the credit. If there is to be a sixth series and more, the program will cost Ten more to produce, and some of the stars (Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart, for example) will cost more. Asher Keddie is now about to be the star of a new Ten series called Party Tricks (which will get the rebate). If it’s a success and returns in 2015, it will be hard to make a sixth series of Offspring.

Offspring ended with 1.329 million national viewers. The success of this program is not only down to the cast and producers, but also the original decision by Ten management back in 2010 to commission it. That’s not the management associated with Lachlan Murdoch, James Packer, and Gina  Rinehart’s presence on the share register and management, but well before their clumsy and destructive entry into the network’s affairs. — Glenn Dyer

Get your art where you find it. Culture maven James Harvey noted that a photo of yet another stoush in the Ukrainian parliament compared well with the best of renaissance art, composed of a Fibonnaci sequence spiral, with a golden section at the core. The Fibonnaci sequence (in which the next integer is generated by summing the last two integers, ie 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 … etc) approaches 1.61803, the so-called “golden ratio”, re-appears ceaselessly in nature, and is widely used in architecture as the height-breadth ratio most pleasing to the eye. In one form or another, the golden ratio is known to every civilisation, except the designers of the Fairfax compact titles. — Guy Rundle

Video of the day. Bravo David Speers.

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