Aug 7, 2014

Brandis’ disastrous data definition reflects a confused government

The government's stumbling over data retention raises the question of how prepared it was for this debate.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor


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19 thoughts on “Brandis’ disastrous data definition reflects a confused government

  1. Yclept

    Now if only Brandis could have a go at explaining whether GST will be payable on a birthday cake…

  2. klewso

    If it’s not three words – it’s not on?

  3. rhwombat

    [email protected]#1: That depends on whether it’s Rupert’s cake yet.

  4. Arty Boxer

    Time to use anonymising browsers, and put up with NSA classifying you as an extremist.

  5. klewso

    “No surprises. No excuses.”

  6. Theon

    Ahh dear our fuddy-duddy government, so what’s an NBN…?

  7. klewso

    Through our looking glass :-
    [‘When I use a word,’ George Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’]
    (apologies “Lew C”)

  8. klewso

    “Front-page news”? Where?
    “SNAPPED”? “TERROR 101”?
    Such an embarrassment for their Limited News Party didn’t get a run in our Curry or Maul.
    They bussed in Blot on the Political Landscape to whine and drone us instead. And served up another lauding of Abbott.
    Doing their business-as-usual PR for them.

  9. Djbekka

    The thing that worries me about all this (aside from politicians who can’t even keep to speaking notes) is the opportunistic shift to nationalism as a way to gain support. So if we are suspicious of data retention and data trawling without warrants are we then ‘not team players’. The phrase is often used in workplaces when a ‘team member’ is asking hard questions of a ‘team leader’. Still I am cheered that Brandis, Wilson and Bolt have had to ‘take one’ for the team.

    By the way, wouldn’t a unitary and very fast NBN allow the government to collect the data directly and bypass the service providers? Maybe not…

  10. tonysee

    How long will they get away with ‘reframing’ these stuff-ups? At least it took Labor more than a year to rack up this kind of score sheet.

    Another layer of … let’s say ‘intrigue’ is the role of that techno-elephant in the virtual room: Malcolm Turnbull. How can this government announce such a policy without MT being in our faces?

    We’re ‘Team Liberal’ for ‘Team Australia’! Nothing to look at here.

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