Aug 6, 2014

Data retention may include Facebook and Twitter

The government appears confused about what data will be retained under its data retention scheme -- but it could include your social media activity and your whole internet browsing history.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor


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4 thoughts on “Data retention may include Facebook and Twitter

  1. Yclept

    Well the more I see of this the less chance it has of getting of the ground. If they can’t define the requirements then scope creep is going to kill them.

  2. tinman_au

    They want something they can’t even define? Brilliant…

    Are these people really worth $200,000 a year?

  3. Brian Williams

    It’s a sad fact that, because of the huge salaries that the more talented members of the legal fraternity can earn in private practice, almost none of the good ones can ever be talked into running for parliament, even when offered a safe seat or first place on the senate ticket.

    Thus we end up with a mid-range union lawyer such as Roxon, or a mediocre trade practices junior barrister such as Brandis, in the top legal job in the country, with neither of them having done much previous time at the legal coalface. Is it any wonder that half the time they have little or no real comprehension of the implications of what they’re actually trying to foist on us. Their former bosses must have laughed themselves silly when their erstwhile flunkies ended up as AG.

  4. Stuart Coyle

    And Brian, not only are they junior lawyers, they are trying to make laws about the Internet whilst having not a single clue about how it works.

    We have an entire political class that is ignorant of scientific, engineering, technological and real social issues. This is a parliament stuffed full with lawyers, millionaires and accountants, and second rate ones at that.

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