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Aug 6, 2014

Crikey says: what not to say if you want a career in politics

Abbott ups the dial to full-blown terror panic. Fairfax hands balls to News: Carlton on parting ways with the SMH. Stilgherrian explains why metadata is a myth. The preference whisperer speaks! Rundle on latest Muir boning. ‘Trust in Media’ figures out: Tele up, The Age down. Poll Bludger on why 18C was dropped. Stand by for fireworks at Sydney’s ICAC. And name-checking the Dalai Lama at Bob Brown’s book launch.

An up-and-coming senior federal member of parliament attempted professional suicide earlier this week. The stains are permanent. It wasn’t a pretty sight.


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6 thoughts on “Crikey says: what not to say if you want a career in politics

  1. klewso

    One more “Toady Lie”?

  2. David Hand

    The Australian ran a pro and a con commentary about the Recognise referendum this week. So much for bias. What is damaging the pro recognition position is the poor articulation of the case.

  3. Alex

    Well, there goes any political aspirations I ever had. Fortunately, I’ve embarked on a much less stressful career in bomb disposal. Something my parents enthusiastically encouraged me to do from the day I could talk.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    ALEX: Brilliant repöste (sic)

    I’d been thinking along the lines of working in a grenade factory. Not necessary, your reply says it all.

  5. AR

    Any word on which mudorc myrmidons “described as disgraceful, divisive and ignorant…“?

  6. Northy

    Why do the biggest bullies in Australia (that’s News Corp) have such THIN SKINS?

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