Aug 5, 2014

Essential: Hockey losing his mojo, voters unimpressed with job-seeker requirements

Latest Essential Report shows a reversal of Treasurer Joe Hockey's standing, with 44% of voters disapproving of his performance compared to a 45% approval rating last November.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s standing with voters has slumped in the wake of the budget, with just 35% of voters approving of his performance, according to today’s Essential Report. However, the Coalition has managed to hang on to its polling gains since the MH17 disaster.

Forty-four per cent of voters disapprove of the Treasurer’s performance, including 13% of Coalition voters. That’s a reversal of his standing since November, when 45% of voters approved of his performance and just 28% disapproved. Hockey’s approval is noticeably lower among women (30%) than men (40%). However, Hockey holds a comfortable lead over shadow treasurer Chris Bowen: 34% trust Hockey to handle the economy, compared to 23% for Bowen, though a remarkable 43% profess to not know, including 23% of Coalition voters.

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3 thoughts on “Essential: Hockey losing his mojo, voters unimpressed with job-seeker requirements

  1. Observation

    The proposed budget is a patchwork of cost cutting with no consistency except to avoid scrutinizing corporate welfare. The reasons and what fors make no sense with other areas being injected with tax payers funds which have been promised on an electioneering whim (PPS). Sit back and watch this mess unravel as all of a sudden Dr No and his team suddenly insist on any opposition to this to be thoughtful and rational when considering this dogs breakfast.

    All of the new ministers and quickly looking grey and wrinkled as the chickens are well and truly coming home to roost.

  2. klewso

    “Chickens”? Headless chickens?
    “Joe Shonkey” :- having watched for a couple of years as this “Opposition Fore-flusher of the Hyper-bowl (along with Abbott, Robb, Cousin Jethro and Murdoch)”, with their trail of selected bovine excreta, getting all flushed now, copping a serve of his own “ordure of merit” back, with those “operational Budget matters” figures he was sitting on?
    Sage (stuffing) days indeed?

  3. AR

    I despised the act of polling during the Krudd intifada and that has not changed with the current regime.
    Opinion is no more than bar room blather, untethered to knowledge..

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