Aug 4, 2014

Twitter not as popular as you think

Everyone who's anyone is on Twitter, right? Well ...

Stilgherrian — Technology writer and broadcaster


Technology writer and broadcaster

The Twitter research released by Queensland University of Technology’s Social Media Research Group today brings some much-needed science to discussions that have until now been dominated by Silicon Valley hype merchants and the self-important PowerPoint-waving of SMEGs, or “social media expert gurus”. But watch out — this good science will be ruined by them regardless.


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6 thoughts on “Twitter not as popular as you think

  1. David Hand

    The Canberra connection is obvious. Canberra is full of lefties. Twitter is full of lefties. A leftie ghetto lives in a lefty ghetto.

    A discussion designed to shift thinking requires more than 140 characters.

    But then again, 140 characters is plenty of space to insult Tony Abbott.

  2. Dawson Colin

    Canberra is full of lefties? I had no idea! I obviously don’t follow twitter with sufficient rigour.

    When it comes to terse, vacuous insults, Tony Abbott set the benchmark. He rarely needs more than three words.

    I guess I should tweet this?

  3. klewso

    So, all that’s Left to say is – that’s 140 more than Abbott?

  4. Keith Thomas

    I work for an NGO and send out 20-50 tweets a day. In my choice of material, I am not trying to change anybody’s mind. Rather, I am reinforcing the decision of our supporters to continuing to supporting us, with information, opinions, images that exemplify our rationale for our existence and for the way we go about things.

    As you know, people are more likely to change their mind hearing from trusted acquaintances than from an organisation like ours.

    That’s where the skill comes in – I select links, draft comments, re-word headlines, provide stats and forward jokes that will make sense when retweeted to people who may never have heard about us.

    Our followers are steadily rising in number and I like to think that – if you will bear with the ghastly American phrase – “authentic helpfulness” really works in increasing our reach.

  5. MAC TEZ

    “A discussion designed to shift thinking requires more than 140 characters”
    A discussion designed to shift the unthinking requires only 3 words…
    “stop the boats”,”axe the tax”.

  6. David Hand

    Keith has it correct.
    Twitter is just advertising in drag.

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