Tips and rumours

Aug 4, 2014

Tips and rumours

Daily Telegraph and public servant safety ... ALP women against free votes ... Who called Max Bromson an "impertinent dill"? ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

Euthanasia and emails. The death of euthanasia advocate Max Bromson in an Adelaide motel room last weekend has led to the police investigation of his family and Dr Philip Nitschke over the possibility that a crime was committed when Bromson took his own life. Bromson had long been an advocate for euthanasia, having run as a candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party for the Senate in last year’s election. After News Corp columnist David Penberthy wrote a column titled “A holiday to die for with Dr Phil” in June last year, Bromson emailed Penberthy, defending euthanasia and attacking the column:

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8 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. SusieQ

    You have to wonder at the ‘logic’ of the Tele in reporting the alleged shooting that way.

  2. JohnB

    The primary difference between most credit card issuing banks and their cousins in Australia is that, in the US, the banks rarely carry responsibility for card fraud.

    Thus, American banks have less interest in providing secure cards (smart chips, PIN’s) and, true to form, don’t give a hoot for their customers’ losses.

    That’s free competition for you… the customer comes last.

  3. jmendelssohn

    I’ve just returned from the UK and France with my pin only card.without exception I had to sign as their systems did not recognise either of my Visa cards’ pin technology.
    So how is this all going to actually work?

  4. leon knight

    I normally never read the telly because of journos like Bolt, Blair and Ackerman…but at the hairdresser today I could not help but check Bolt’s contribution – seems he thinks the Labor party is solely responsible for violent -leaning muslims in this country….what a man, what a paper.
    I am in favour of deporting radical muslims who try to stir old hatreds in this country, but I would prefer to kick Bolt out of the country first.

  5. Brian Williams

    jmendelssohn – it’s very simple. Australian cards used in Australia or NZ must have a working PIN. Overseas cards used in Australia are “slide and sign”, as are Australian cards used overseas (except NZ). It’s expected that Euro countries will eventually follow the antipodean example.

  6. JohnB

    @Brian Williams:

    Got that in writing somewhere? It is simple, but so are many counterjumpers.

  7. Brian Williams

    JohnB – If you’re a business with an EFTPOS machine in Aust or NZ, the firmware has already been updated to cover the situations I discussed. It’s easy to do because the first 6 digits of your MC or VISA signify where the card was issued, so the machine won’t insist on a PIN if it’s a non-antipodean card

  8. JohnB

    Thanks, Brian. Even I can get my head around that.

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