Aug 4, 2014

Think of the children: govt grasps at straws to sell budget

A desperate government won't get much help from the Business Council when it comes to intergenerational issues.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

There’s desperation, there’s clutching at straws … and then there’s the Abbott government’s attempts to save its budget.


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16 thoughts on “Think of the children: govt grasps at straws to sell budget

  1. SusieQ

    “its traditional obsession with looking after private schools” – says it all really – I’ve not heard one whinge from the over privileged and over funded private schools – I guess the age of entitlement only extends to state schools.

  2. Bill Hilliger

    La,la,la, come next election, the coalition’s traditional elderly supporters will be waiting for them with a big electoral stick. Whack! Goodbye coalition government.

  3. fractious

    This being the Budget that even Treasury analysis (as reported in Fairfax papers resulting from their FoI) summarises as unfair to those on below-average incomes; and this being the Treasurer who, in response, publicly utters the outright falsehood that “higher-income households pay half their income in tax”.

  4. Theon

    The problem isn’t just the Abbott government’s unfairness, it’s their acceptance of unfairness as normal.

  5. klewso

    To be fair, check under Coal-ition governments – “The poor are much more used to bearing burdens”.
    I guess this shows where this grizzly bear defecates?

  6. SusieQ

    Very true Theon, probably because thats their life experience.

  7. scott redford

    It will Julie Bishop as PM by early next year. It’s obvious.

  8. leon knight

    Scott, if you are right I don’t think our second female PM will get a much better run than the first, but she will certainly be a lot less capable and principled….

  9. CML

    My main worry is Palmer and the crossbench. How many of them will find it expedient to pass some of the more odious elements of this budget?
    After all, if some commentators are correct, not many of this lot will be in the Senate next time around. And given that most of them are ‘right-wing’ sympathisers, it makes sense for them to do as much damage as possible to those in the lower socio-economic groups, while they have the opportunity.

  10. Jaybuoy

    Hockey revealed his hollowness when he cried in parliament over the transfer of children to Malaysia claiming it would occur over his dead’s now occurring over his dead reputation..

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