Aug 4, 2014

More fireworks when the ‘Bear Pit’ and ICAC reopen this week

The theatre of NSW public life reopens this week with state parliament resuming tomorrow and ICAC on Wednesday.

Alex Mitchell — NSW politics correspondent

Alex Mitchell

NSW politics correspondent

Public life in New South Wales is back to “normal”: state Parliament — aka the Bear Pit — reopens tomorrow, and the Independent Commission Against Corruption reopens on Wednesday.


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One thought on “More fireworks when the ‘Bear Pit’ and ICAC reopen this week

  1. JohnB

    Surely there’s at least one strong leader left in Labor’s ranks, one who can take the game up to the stinking Federal Liberals, the silent Nationals and the NSW Establishment Party, a.k.a. the current NSW Government?

    My guess is that the reason there is not, is that the few good candidates are suffering from shell-shock after a horrid year and the others are keeping their heads low in order not to have their own past examined forensically.

    Some come to these pages optimistically expressing optimistic expectation of electoral change in NSW in half a year and federally in 2 years. I am not so sanguine. Waiting for the opponents to all fall, like Steven Bradbury in his Olympic speed skating win, is extremely rarely a winning strategy.

    We are destined, it seems, to successive public enquiries and court cases (Peter Slipper, etc) that discover only that which was previously known, followed by public outrage and hand-wringing and the re-election of the least worst mob.


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