Aug 1, 2014

Follow Friday: @NataliaAntonova on the horror of watching the world collapse

If you're looking for a unique take on current events in Russia, the Twitter feed of Ukrainian-born, US-raised, ethnically Russian journalist and playwright Natalia Antonova is a good place to start.

Matthew Clayfield

Journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright

Natalia Antonova (@NataliaAntonova) is having a rough time of it. For most of this year, the Ukrainian-born, US-raised, ethnically Russian journalist and playwright has expected the worst and then been granted it. Crimea. East Ukraine. MH17. While Western correspondents condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin with a sense of moral righteousness that simplifies as often as it enlightens, and Russian propagandists respond with conspiracy theories and facts unworthy of the name, Antonova has watched sadly, but never quietly, as the world she once knew collapsed before her. This is not a news story for her so much as it is a deeply personal one, as anyone who has read her Twitter feed since February will be able to attest. "I think one must make a crowbar separation between personal writing, op-eds, and reporting the news," Antonova told Crikey. "Mixing that up is like mixing vodka with whiskey. Nothing good can come of it." "But personal narratives obviously have their time and place," she said. "One of the reasons I tell personal stories on Twitter is because I think people should have some context for what is happening in Ukraine right now. This trouble has been brewing for years. It did not happen overnight."

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4 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @NataliaAntonova on the horror of watching the world collapse

  1. 4567

    always good to get directions to other news providers – thanks for this –

  2. Limited News

    Good to see Crikey not entirely closed to commentary which is not entirely prejudiced against Russia

  3. The Old Bill

    Great article and good to See dear old WH Auden given the last word.

    In the deserts of the heart
    Let the healing fountain start,
    In the prison of his days
    Teach the free man how to praise.

    is the last verse I think.

    The saddest thing about reading the likes of Auden these days is the reminder that humans seem to learn nothing from thousands of years of history and creative thought. Unfortunately instead of healing and praise in the humanist sense, we seem to fall back on the history of division taught by politics and religion.

  4. Matthew Clayfield

    You should go back and read Crikey‘s coverage of the 2012 Russian election, Limited News.

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