Jul 31, 2014

Schadenfreude and champers at Obeid book launch

There were drinks all round and plenty of "toldjasos" at the launch of He Who Must Be Obeid.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

There’s nothing better than the feeling of finally being proved right, and so it was that the two happiest ex-premiers of New South Wales, Morris Iemma and Nathan Rees, yesterday launched a ground-breaking book about corrupt former NSW politician Eddie Obeid.

He Who Must Be Obeid, by Fairfax journalist Kate McClymont and ABC broadcaster Linton Besser, tells the story of Obeid, who has been found to be corrupt several times over by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption. Acting Commissioner Anthony Whealy has also recommended that prosecuting bodies give consideration as to whether he should face criminal charges for misconduct in public office. ICAC has heard that while running the numbers for the dominant Right faction in NSW Labor, the Lebanese-born father of nine also pocketed tens of millions of dollars from corrupt deals involving coal mines, Circular Quay cafes, marinas and the state’s water supply.

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6 thoughts on “Schadenfreude and champers at Obeid book launch

  1. Yclept

    “There needs to be a transparency in how political parties operate … and that process by which the dominant faction controls the party has to be smashed”

    As the federal government rushes headlong in the other direction…

  2. zut alors

    ‘ It was a very small room (he spent the vast majority of his career as a backbencher) with a very small couch.’

    One suspects the sofa was of sufficient size to simultaneously accommodate his true friends.

  3. leon knight

    I am in two minds about reading this book; on the one hand I am curious to know how Labor got itself into this ugly pickle, but on the other I am heartily sick of the negatives, corruption and greed. On the other I am desperate to see some positives in politics, and you just know that we will only achieve the progressive leadership this “shift” age requires under Labor.
    I expected very little progress from this LNP crew and did not think they could really do much damage in 3 years – but I have to admit I was badly wrong about that, these guys are into some very ugly social engineering indeed, and will leave a huge mess to clean up.

  4. Margot Saville

    Thanks for all your comments

  5. AR

    Colour me unsurprised at the sudden rustling by all the usual suspects of their Persil Papieren -“wot? me? perish the thought, clean as a whistle, moi”.
    Obeid et al did NOT spring fully formed as Athena from Zeus’ head – does no-one remember the Baldwin bashing, the love-boat, Nifty’s bag men doing the biz in Tattersalls etc ad nauseam?
    Nothing partisan about it, Robin Askins’ paper bags, ICAC’s firt scalp, Kermit.
    Lord Acton’s axioms about power and Burke’s re good doing nowt need to be tattooed on every politicians foreheads.
    Assuming there is any space after their sponsors’ logos.

  6. Malcolm Street

    leon – it needs to be read to learn lessons from it and ensure it never happens again.

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