Jul 31, 2014

Media briefs: down and down at the Oz … ducking the issue … 1300 jobs lost …

The escalator of decline returns, and what was that about a duck? And other media tidbits of the day.

Return of the escalator of decline! Win prizes!¬†Fans of the literary stylings of Mr Paul Kelly will recall his unveiling of the “escalator of decline”, the strange machine that goes down by going up, which we are all on. “No one knows where the escalator is going,” Kelly intoned, which seemed to doubly confound the principle of the escalator, which was now a wandering one.

Word came from on high that Surry Hills was not happy that the warning by”Australia’s greatest political commentator” was not being taken seriously. Chris Kenny weighed in, so you knew it was getting serious. Now in a final desperate attempt to get some respect for this ridiculous metaphor, Maurice Newman has weighed in. The article itself is predictable fat-headed dyspeptic¬†businessman blather, but it has a doozy of a mixed metaphor, in which the government is running on empty, being reined in to get a seat at the dinner table.

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6 thoughts on “Media briefs: down and down at the Oz … ducking the issue … 1300 jobs lost …

  1. seriously?

    The Tele will be pissed at being scooped on the duck story by the SMH – that is normally their territory.

  2. klewso

    You obviously haven’t seen “The Birds”?

  3. klewso

    The “Escalator of Decline”?
    To me it sounds like that tornado in the far more original Wizard of Oz – it just goes round and round, like a hyper bowl. Once it picks you up, you just never know what it’s going to drop you in? And it’s spelt different.
    But then there’s the muzak in their “Maul of Discontent” – how many times can you listen to “I’ve done all of the dumb things”?

  4. extra

    The escalator of decline will be a motorised version of one of M. C. Escher’s continuously declining (or ascending) staircase etchings. For Murdoch journalists, it has the benefit that one can descend eternally, without actually getting any lower, so dire warnings about descent can be trumpeted continuously- the common Murdoch modus operandi of making assertions while ignoring evidence.

  5. AR

    Re the quack attack, priest who had the duty of hearing confessions of nuns in a closed order said “it is like being nibbled to death by ducks”.
    Google shows only modern usages of the phrase but methinks ’tis from G K Chesterton though whence he nicked it I know not.

  6. Dez Paul

    Bloody hell. “Eeyore” has mangled it, much like an escalator does to ones footwear if caught. The only way an escalator can be in decline is if its slowing down, not going down?

    Paul Kelly is, by now, a senile geriatric, and Chris Kenny is more of a dog f ucker than he ever was.

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