Jul 29, 2014

Israel still pulls business heavy hitters, but Palestine off the table

The Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce has some big connections in the business world -- and they are far too polite (and politic) to mention the current unpleasantness in Gaza.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Lately it seems nobody has as much pulling power with the business community as the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce … but don’t mention the war.

In recent months in Sydney alone the AICC has hosted Business Council president Catherine Livingstone, Qantas chief Alan Joyce and Telstra chief David Thodey — star attractions at mega-lunches — with hundreds of business types turning up for a decent three-course meal, glass of wine and good-humoured promotion of Israel’s attractions.

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27 thoughts on “Israel still pulls business heavy hitters, but Palestine off the table

  1. Bill Hilliger

    The Israel and American governments would liken the latest Gaza incursion to shooting fish in a barrel. The Palestinians cannot escape.

  2. Kevin Herbert

    Note to Paddy Manning:

    The current conflict in Gaza is not a war.

    It is the mechanized slaughter of a lightly armed Palestinian civil militia & their unarmed civilian supporters by the world’s 4th most powerful armed forces.

    The latest death toll is:

    Gazans 1088 – including 143 children – 6445 seriously injured

    Israelis 46 – including 3 civilians – 43 soldiers – 10 injured.

    Definitely not a war wouldn’t you say.

  3. Bill Hilliger

    Downing MH17 …our government says is a war crime. What Israel and the United States (supplying endless money and weapons of mass destruction) are doing to Gaza …our government says nothing.

  4. CML

    What an outrageous article. Business as usual with Israel, while Palestinian children and civilians are being blown to smithereens.
    Don’t mention the war indeed. A gathering of very sick minded greed freaks!
    You all make me want to vomit!!!

  5. Malcolm Street

    Have I got this right? Our trade with the Arab world is an order of magnitude higher than that with Israel yet our business community is bending over backwards (or forwards?) for Israel.

  6. Kevin Herbert


    I know why Israel is feted…if only Crikey will let me tell you.

  7. Kevin Herbert

    My senior executive contacts at the 2 of the BIG Four Aussie banks have confirmed that the only reason for the BIG 4’s involvement in the AICC is that they were unofficially warned that if they didn’t join, they would face unspecified penalties in the global capital markets.

    Who said Zionists haven’t got the US Federal Reserve & Wall St on a short leash.

    The AICC is a disgraceful farce, and should be seen as such.

  8. Ian

    There are protests against Israel coming up in all major cities on Saturday 2 August. Be there. Remember doing what you can to resist injustices does not necessarily mean you will win but doing nothing will ensure you don’t. Attending a peaceful protest is the very least anyone can do.

  9. dazza

    Kevin Herbert. AICC doesn’t think there’s an issue ..
    Jacobs says the chamber’s members have not raised concerns about the war in Gaza, and … “Why would Catherine Livingstone speak at our function as an opening address if she thought there was an issue? “

  10. Kevin Herbert

    Ian: will be there

    Dazza: Livingstone is yet another Zionist stooge…as the whole of the Australian Federal & State Parliaments…and ther reason is that they fear for their capital raising abilities if they offend Israel & its Wall St boosters

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