Israel: beacon of democracy or jackbooted occupiers?

Crikey readers talk the thorny issue of Israel.

Modern Israel an occupying force

Marcus L’Estrange writes: Re. “Rundle: the tortured moral philosophy of offshore detention” (yesterday). Dyrenfurth has missed a key point. The leadership class of the Zionist movement, particularly since the old European Zionists faded from history, have had no intention of negotiating since 1947. They see Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Nothing more, nothing less. The younger Israel generals convinced the then cabinet to start the Six-Day War because they saw the Egyptian army as not being ready for any military action for at least 18 months. They thought they would get in first. As soon as the war was over they started on colonising the West bank and The Golan Heights.

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One thought on “Israel: beacon of democracy or jackbooted occupiers?

  1. jimmila555

    I know my history, I have seen ‘how this works’ for myself ;
    … yes it may be true to claim that “Israel wants peace”, but at the expense of everyone else’s Peace (and real-estate).
    “Israel” has always cried victim, but then been more than happy to ‘stick it to others’ with a malicious venom only justifiable (to themselves) on the near-psychotic (to anyone else) justification of they being the ‘chosen people of God’….I’ve been told this (repeatedly)to my face…we all have…for more than 46 years !
    “Israel” had designs on this piece of land from as far back as 1938. The first terrorist car bomb in this region was Israeli.
    ..and before I am attacked for being ‘Anti-Semitic’…the usual knee jerk reaction to discredit reasonable debate, (ie;kill the messenger)… this is not about religion !

    …This is about Humanity !

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