Jul 24, 2014

In MH17 response, a rare — and surprising — win for Malaysian govt

Freelance writer Hari Raj compares the Malaysian government's response to two unprecedented incidents in aviation history.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak addresses the media following the MH17 crash

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8 thoughts on “In MH17 response, a rare — and surprising — win for Malaysian govt

  1. Daly

    Contrast the method and effectiveness with our PMs bluster!

  2. Peter Watson

    It is a pity that we do not have a Prime minister that can act as diplomatically as the Malaysian and Dutch leaders.
    There are two obvious suspects in the downing of MH17. The Ukraine rebel forces, and the Ukraine government forces.
    Abbott strongly wanted the Ukraine government to take the leading role in the investigation.
    Hopefully, simply going by the evidence rather than propaganda, the Dutch and Malay governments may find who is responsible for the 298 people killed.

  3. Peter Watson

    To add to my last post, it is doubtful that the Dutch, Malay, and Ukraine militia, will want Australia anywhere near the investigation or crash site due to the very blatant backing of the Ukraine government, and the propaganda war to place blame.

  4. Bill Hilliger

    Peter Watson 3: yes indeed! Our megaphone rAbbott lacks vision beyond the next news grab. It seems on the world stage he is seen as a nothing leader.

  5. AR

    They are countries’which know their worth & weight and act appropriately.
    Torquemada Tony? Not so much.

  6. Chris

    Why would we not back a legitimate government? And the ukraine militia and/ or russian separatists have done an excellent job of securing the site and the victims. They are not ‘rebels’. They are murderers of innocent people.

    Wake up you hand wringing lefty apologists. We and anyone else who cares about their citizens should bomb these grubs back to the stone age where they belong.

  7. Chris Hartwell

    Stop shaming our shared name and think with your head instead of your dick. Evidence. Until we have it, assigning blame is a useless gesture.

  8. warwick fry

    Yep Chris is a troll who earns a well deserved ignorance for a post that reflects his persona. I will start with a question. Why would the Ukrainian separatists down a Singaporean plane? Why did they allow the ‘black box’ out of their grasp (I believe the Dutch have it now). I am disappointed that one of Australia’s Middle East journalists (whom I hitherto had respected) makes the contradictory complaint that the separatists allowed ‘mickey mouse journalists’ access, to ‘compromise’ the site of the ‘crime’.

    Give me a break.

    How loaded is this kind of coverage?

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