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Jul 23, 2014

Crikey says: Lambie’s comments not sexist

Destroy the Joint has its nose out of joi


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10 thoughts on “Crikey says: Lambie’s comments not sexist

  1. zut alors

    Not sexist? But definitely crass.

  2. Peter Evans

    Imagine Lambie’s Snapchat account, running hot.

  3. paddy

    I also loved Matt’s parting para in that article.
    [It’s probably of little comfort now. But Lambie can rest assured: she’s not the first person, and won’t be the last, to walk away from a blind date with feelings of regret.]

  4. AR

    Like her putative party Leader, Ms Lambie is blatant, indelicate, uncultivated,clear about what she wants and prepared to speak clearly.
    Well done, say I. I may not like her politics (if any)or views on a wide variety of topics but plain speaking gains my fullest approval.
    At all times.
    As a Senator for the Merkin Isle she seems to be taking her position seriously, unlike anyone who thinks FM brekky is meant to be a Socratean symposium.

  5. Bill Hilliger

    When it comes to sexism, males spent their capital decades ago, whereas given the past, females still have plenty of unspent capital to use.

  6. Northy

    Great editorial Crikey. Your oh-so-valid point was nicely written. I had this same thought earlier today (which helps to explain why I agree with it!), but couldn’t possibly express it as well. Cheers!

  7. peterh_oz

    The comment was not sexist. The fact that she can say it, and I can’t: THAT is sexist! And so is Crikey for approving of that double standard.

  8. Matt Hardin

    Of course it was sexist. Treating a person of the opposite sex as an object rather than a human being is the most profound sexism.

  9. Gavin Moodie

    I agree with Northy: this editorial makes an excellent point which is not often understood, even by Crikey commenters who apparently have read the editorial.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Crass but cheerful.

    It didn’t seem shocking to me. She just blurted out what she was feeling, which is a lot different to a smarmy ‘wink, wink’ scumbag sneer.

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