Award-winning French photographer Anne Paq has spent the last decade in Palestine, making a name for herself by documenting everyday life in one of the most dangerous parts of of the world. Her latest dispatch from the Gaza strip shows the grief and chaos of its residents, as they try to move on with their lives amid the bombs and rubble.

Palestinians look at a missile which did not explode during an airstrike which destroyed the home of Hussam Shamdi the day before, in Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood of Gaza city, July 14 2014.

Palestinian women react during the funeral of the three children from the Shuhaibar family killed in an Israeli airstrike in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, July 17 2014. The three killed children were two brothers: Jihad Issam Shuhaibar (8), and Wasim Issam Shuhaibar (7) and their cousin Afnan Tariq Shuhaibar (10). The airstrikes came immediately after a temporary five-hour humanitarian ceasefire between Hamas and Israel ended.

Doctor Nasser at-Tathar, Director of al-Shifa hospital, stands in the middle of his destroyed clinic located in his home, Gaza city. His home was destroyed the night before by an Israeli airstrike.

The body of Ola Salim, a Palestinian child from Al Shaja’ia area, lies on the  table in the morgue Al-Shifa hospital following a large-scale Israeli attack on her  neighborhood. Gaza City, July 20 2014

A man sits in a destroyed building which was attacked last night by Israeli airstrike, in Al Tuffah neighborhood, July 16 2014.

Palestinians from Al Shaja’ia area take refuge in al-Shifa hospital following a large-scale Israeli attack on their neighborhood, which left at least 60 dead and hundreds injured. Gaza City, July 20 2014.

At least 60 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured on the large-scale Israeli attack on Al Shaja’ia, leading also to a massive displacement, July 20 2014.

Destroyed home of  Hussam Shamdi which was hit during an airstrike the day before, in Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood of Gaza city, July 14 2014.

Sabri Baker, a 53 year old fisherman and father of 16 children, walks towards his destroyed boat in Gaza harbour, July 15, 2014. In 2012 his previous boat was confiscated by the Israeli army and was never returned. The boat was destroyed during an Israeli attack on 11 July, 2014. 9 boats were destroyed, as well as the Gaza Ark which aimed at breaking the siege of Gaza.