Jul 22, 2014

Get Fact: were there really 50,000 boat arrivals a year under Labor?

Tony Abbott has claimed that before he "stopped the boats", they were coming in at a rate of 50,000 a year. Is that true? David Tittensor, a research fellow to the UNESCO Chair, with Deakin’s Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation, checks the claim.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has consistently said that the number of asylum seekers arriving by boat (or “illegal maritime arrivals”, in the government’s parlance) reached a rate  of almost 50,000 a year by midway through last year. But did it?


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57 thoughts on “Get Fact: were there really 50,000 boat arrivals a year under Labor?

  1. Bill Hilliger

    …surely it’s time the PM was held to account for this kind of behaviour. What! with the MSM stenographer-typists-churnalists that would take such a long time that pigs and emus will evolve to fly and soar like eagles,

  2. klewso

    One more Toady lie?

  3. Bob's Uncle

    Ah yes, lets take the worst month of 4,200, extrapolate to an annual figure of 50,000 and repeat until it becomes part of accepted wisdom.

    But why stop there? If a single boat arrives carrying 300 people, well that is 300 in just one day. Which means people are arriving at a rate of nearly 10,000 per month or well over 100,000 per year. All from a single boat!

    Even better if we extrapolate to other areas.

    In Budget night, the Coalition announced 2 new taxes (excluding co-payments) – this is a rate of over 700 new taxes per year and over 2000 during their first term.

    In October 2013 the media reported on 6 Coalition members who had to repay expenses after being found to have rorted them – this equates to a rate of 72 Coalition MP’s rorting their espense per annum.

    On 13 July Germany won the World Cup at a rate of 365 per year.

    This is a game we can all play!

  4. tonysee

    The other part of the repeat-it-often-enough-and-it-becomes-fact game is ‘illegal maritime arrivals’ as alluded to at the top of the article. ‘Asylum Seeker, as a term, may have it’s own problems but at least it suggests a process. If, by your terminology, you’ve already decided that ‘they’ are engaged in something illegal, then your halfway to leaving them on a boat in the middle of waters when you have no legal right to do so … oh yeh, they’ve done that.

  5. Brendan King

    this is exactly how feminists fabricate r.ape “statistics”


    Time to let go people, your chance will come around again at the next election. If the Abbott government fail then they will be voted out. No need to carry on with all the vitriol. That’s what democracy is all about.

  7. Jaybuoy

    He can only do what is “humanly possible”…(smack lips)
    The Berlusconi combover however could do with some divine intervention..Its breathtaking to hear Abbott and Bishop carry on about Putin and transparency when you consider the death of Berati and the coverup going on.. and the sanctity of the bodies when you consider their treatment of the relatives of Leo Seemanpillai

  8. Andrew Davison

    Technically, and it pains me to say it, Abbott is correct: the July 2013 figure of 4236 arrivals is a “rate” of 50,000 per year. And like Bob’s Uncle, we can all play at that game. Unfortunately, doing so would be like mud wrestling a pig – you can never win, and the pig enjoys it. Once we start saying “it was only 20,000” we have lost the argument.

  9. The Cleaning Lady

    Take the worst month and multiply by 12, conveniently forgetting the effect of the hurricane season.


  10. DaveinPerth

    60 seconds to murder Reza Berati.
    60min x 24h x 365d =

    AT A RATE OF 525,600 PER YEAR !

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