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Jul 22, 2014

Crikey says: Security Council seat has benefits after all

50,000 asylum seekers every year under Labor … really? We fact-check Abbott. Coalition gains ground after plane tragedy. Indonesia crowdsources presidential vote count. Watch out, latte lefties! Christian Kerr takes the chair at Strewth. Egypt plays ideological politics in Gaza. Muir’s mate: whose team is preference whisperer Glenn Druery on? Keane on paid parental leave. And claws out at the Daily Tele.

A boarding pass with a name on it, broadcast on Sky News as families were still being notified and names had not yet been released, an ABC reporter picking up a piece of a victim’s clothing, and, in another report, walking among piles of personal belongings and talking about a child’s body lying off camera.


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9 thoughts on “Crikey says: Security Council seat has benefits after all

  1. klewso

    This seat was Labor’s fault too?

  2. klewso

    What a pity we can’t use it to get this government to stop it’s trading in human-misery with a government with the Human Rights record of Sri Lanka?

  3. AR

    As so often the tories benefit from Labor achievements which they opposed and criticised from the start.

  4. CML

    @ AR – Agree 100%.
    Julie Bishop – YUK!!!

  5. fractious

    What good fortune that Australia had a Security Council seat with which to press the issue

    Which Australia will use to resounding good effect in ensuring that the IDF ceases slaughtering innocent civilians in Gaza and the West Bank immediately and in perpetuity.

  6. bjb

    AR – 100% true. The Tories always focus on the “economy” and how much better (not) they are at managing it than Labor. They NEVER look at the bigger picture or have any broader vision of what Australia can be or our place in the world.

  7. klewso

    You can’t live on a bottom line – there’s hole in it.

  8. AR

    “..there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Peta, dear Peta., there’s a whole in the Budget, dear Sloppy, dear Leventy..”

  9. klewso

    What are they going to use this grandstand for next? To go after Sri Lanka for it’s human rights abuses?

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