Jul 21, 2014

Media briefs: HuffPo eyes Australia … Forbes sells … enough is enough …

Forbes magazine has been sold. The Press Council wants a new chair. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

The Huffington Post says it’s coming (again). There’s been no shortage of delayed launches for The Huffington Post in Australia. But after seemingly calling off all active discussions to focus on expansion in Asia and Europe, the AOL-owned online juggernaut has its sights once again Down Under. HuffPo International GM Koda Wang told the ABC’s Download This Show that the company is looking to launch in Australia in the first quarter of 2015. While The Huffington Post has been dragging its heels, The Guardian and Mail Online have already established local presences.

Banking on good coverage. There was a fascinating bit of table management this morning buried in the PR effort by The Australian media editor Sharri Markson, about last Tuesday night’s 50th birthday celebrations for the paper in Sydney. Sharing a table with Rupert Murdoch at the Horden Pavilion in Sydney’s old Showgrounds were “Glenn Stevens, Paul Keating, Noel Pearson, John Howard, Ian Narev, Paul Kelly, Richard Goyder and Catherine Livingstone.” N.b. Ian Narev, head of the Commonwealth Bank. And why is he important? Well, CBA is a long-time banker to the Murdoch empire in its various forms (and with the Time Warner chase in the United States, Rupert will need a billion or so from the bank, for old time’s sake). Perhaps that explains why the Murdoch papers in Australia never bothered to really chase down the CBA financial planning stories that Fairfax business reporter Adele Ferguson and others have been chasing for the past couple of years. The Oz often complains that other media (aka Fairfax) don’t chase its “scoops” — so why were the Oz and other News papers not spotted hard on the trail of the CBA and the appalling financial planning rorts? — Glenn Dyer

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3 thoughts on “Media briefs: HuffPo eyes Australia … Forbes sells … enough is enough …

  1. klewso

    How much is that lack of negative advertising PR worth to the CBA – that the bank doesn’t have to spend $big on countering (like the way the Labor Party has to spend up big with Murdoch – to counter Murdoch’s negative campaign against it, from the devotion of his elite resources con-trolling such a lump of our hate/viewsmedia)?
    Not a billion on it’s own, surely?

  2. [email protected]

    Dutch paper De telegraaf is a right wing paper. Not in the league of”the Daily Telegraph’or The Australian but on the “right” side nonetheless. The newspaper world in The Netherlands has always been very diverse, with most political views covered. There are at least eight national papers.With many more provincial (State)and regional papers, as well as city based publications. For a small nation with a population less than Australia’s (17mill to 22mill)there is much more choice of views ,less concentration of ownership.

  3. Limited News

    It’s kind of scary to think that Rupert Murdoch isn’t even top of the food chain – have banks and Big Finance been in charge all along?

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