Jul 18, 2014

Rundle: chasing Latika as the high priests get pissed

Crikey's writer-at-large is in the corridors of power, drinking the right wine from the right fridge, as he tries to wrangle an invite to the hottest party in town ...

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


“Seven fridges! Seven fridges!” At the Public Bar, Manuka, it had turned 11pm, and the late crowd were streaming in from staff parties on the hill, from Kennedy’s down the road, the young crowd, the staffers and journos, men with bad skin and half-pressed suits, gallery juniors in manic pixie dream girl glasses. And above all, those with the golden tickets, fresh from the hottest gig in town — the Latika Bourke party, held in some glittering penthouse on the hill, which, in the retelling by those who had skeeved their way in as a Plus One, took on the dimensions of a gilded Egyptian hall, with banqueting requisites borne in golden bowls by Nubian slaves (they are available from a party hire firm in Ainslie). The Elegant Young Man was particularly impressed by the wall of white wine. “Seven fridges! Seven wine fridges!”


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13 thoughts on “Rundle: chasing Latika as the high priests get pissed

  1. [email protected]

    best thing you have written in ages – obviously alcohol has a lasting beneficial creative effect

  2. Bill Hilliger

    …the high-viz jacket was personalised — and a gift from the mining industry. Amazing how little the mining industry has to spend to own a NP politician. They sure come cheap.

  3. mikeb

    Rundle – you are back in form my man.

    Please tell me this gem was an original “he was at home, in his recreational iron lung, absorbing nutrition from the air.”

  4. paddy

    Dragged an unspeakable day into the region of “almost bearable”.
    I salute you & will open a damn fine red in your honour Guy.
    Many thanks.

  5. Electric Lardyland

    From this picture, can we assume that Senator McDonald would be happier in a hole in the ground?

  6. Jan Forrester

    A second bottle of red from me. All neurons blazing/dazing. Made my week.

  7. sparky

    Perfect descriptor “Queensland Lib Ian Macdonald, a true piss-stain on the tightie whities of democracy”

  8. Grug Gamut

    OMG that was funny!

  9. zut alors

    A week in federal Parliament – Rundle continues to suffer for his craft.

    Possibly Latika & her salon were celebrating the windfall of dollars she’ll be saving on power to run seven fridges now that Abbott has crucified the carbon tax.

  10. Simon de Little

    you have amused us greatly sir

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