Jul 18, 2014

MH17: media coverage, from cutting-edge to conspiracy theory

The media coverage of the second Malaysia Airline's tragedy in six months ranges from measured to hysterical.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Hope you’re ready — if other recent crashes are anything to go on — for wall-to-wall coverage of the downed Malaysian airplane. Crikey’s put together some of the most note-worthy media coverage so far.

Putin has put the blame for the crash on the Ukrainians, but the UK’s Sun wasn’t having a bar of it. Neither was the Daily Star, which also put the blame on Putin.

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8 thoughts on “MH17: media coverage, from cutting-edge to conspiracy theory

  1. Kevin Herbert

    Putin definitely do this…it was a false flag event without doubt.

  2. muruk

    A great deal more anger is being shown against Russia now than against the USA when USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air flight 655 and killed 290 civilians 26 years ago.

  3. Bob Innes

    “The plane was bound for the Netherlands and carried 154 Dutch citizens. ”

    That’s strange, everyone else thinks the plane was flying from the Netherlands.

  4. Long shot

    Dear Malaysian Airlines. There is a modern business practice known as ‘risk management’ whereby you measure the probability of something happening and the consequences. This is a clear failure on your part and ‘nobody told us it was a bad idea’ is nothing but pathetic. Other airlines passed this test. Yours failed. Here is hoping the next thing to disappear is your pathetic airline. The company that is.

  5. dr felonious

    While we are on the subject of hysterical media coverage, Crikey is right up there today with Ben Sandiland’s screed against Malaysian Airlines.

    MH17 was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That doesn’t mean Malaysian Airlines should be singled out for lack of foresight when, as I understand it from other media, there were 200 civilian planes over Ukraine at the time MH17 was shot down.

  6. Kevin Herbert

    I meant to post that:

    Putin definitely did not do this……it was a false flag event without doubt, carried out by the Ukranian Government at the request of the US, via the CIA

  7. C3po butsir

    It needs to be said that John McCain has wanted war against Russia since being a Senator. the US also has been seen funding al-Qaeda in other countries including Syria.
    The US make no effort to hide this funding.
    al-Qaeda is an extension of the US terrorist machine and that Australian media is an plain to see FACT.

  8. C3po butsir

    It is very easy to see that the general media including politicians like Abbot, who had NO evidence to support is claim at the time he annouced, That the missile was probably from Putin.
    The demonstration of complete BIAS against Russia is plain to see. Australians need to ask what force is behind this Global and political media that unites towards hysteria and lies.
    Abbot is a puppet of US fascist policy.

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