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Jul 18, 2014

Crikey says: hard questions on this terrible day

Ben Sandilands on MH17: why was a commercial jet flying over a war zone? Malaysia Airlines failed in duty of care, but others took similar route. More Australians dead than September 11. PLUS: Rundle goes gonzo in Canberra as Parliament parties for winter break. Keane on big banks gone bad. Brandis’ security slip-up. Abbott Speedo-watch. A gerrymander to make Sir Joh proud. And Palmer still riding high in the polls.

Almost 300 people died when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot out of the sky by a missile over Ukraine yesterday afternoon local time, likely by pro-Russian separatists.


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4 thoughts on “Crikey says: hard questions on this terrible day

  1. paddy

    I know it’s a hard news day Crikey and your coverage of most of the issues is very good. Kudos.
    But not *one* mention of a full scale invasion of Gaza by the Israeli army seems a pretty big oversight.

  2. CML

    Since when did people defending their small part of the world – the pro-Russian majority population in eastern Ukraine – from the faci*ts in Keiv, suddenly become ‘terrorists’?
    If they are indeed responsible for this plane crash, it is more likely to be a case of mistaken identity rather than a terrorist attack.

  3. AR

    State, or terrorist, annihilation of innocents is in the eye of the recipient.
    Not to do the wottaboutery of, just say, the US Navy blowing a similarly sized aircraft full of Mecca bound Iranians because they couldn’t see that it wasn’t a fighter.
    With all their hi-tek military toys.
    Will this turn out to be a bunch of vodka fuelled loud mouths?
    Will 7 become, for some Asians, the new 8, with KL007, MHs 370 & 17>

  4. stuart richardson

    Seriously? On what basis can you write that the missile was fired ‘likely by Russian separatists’?
    There are no conclusive facts available; ergo, crikey is no better a source of actual news than News Corp et al. Does crikey answer questions about the quality of its journalism?

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