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Jul 17, 2014

Crikey says: today is a curse on future generations

A victory for old white men: Keane on today’s carbon tax repeal. Brandis wages war on journos and whistleblowers. Hockey’s Daddy issues. Razer on why gay Thorpe doesn’t matter. Delusions of grandeur: does the Oz really topple govts? The LNP senator fighting for the right to be dumb. Plane seats about to get a whole lot more uncomfortable. And is Business Spectator toeing Rupert’s line?

Pity the baby born in Australia today, the day federal Parliament voted to end effective action on climate change.


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11 thoughts on “Crikey says: today is a curse on future generations

  1. klewso

    Because the bottom line profits of sponsors and donors came first.

  2. Dogs breakfast

    Sure you can blame Labor, and the Greens, but that is not blaming, that is just scapegoating.

    The Greens did the right thing. Rudd squibbed it on the greatest moral challenge of our time, or whatever that phrase was, but he may well have been badly advised by colleagues (Gillard and Swan)

    But the coalition are fully to blame for the current debacle, and you are right, it is the greatest inter-generational rip-off of our time.

    Shame, shame, shame. Where is Derryn Hinch when you need him.

  3. zut alors

    Sad to think that for the sake of one party room vote back in December 2009, the re-elected LNP leader, Turnbull, would’ve reacted to climate change with an ETS policy.

    Instead, we have a non-thinker behaving like a prime ministerial ostrich & actually celebrating the fact that carbon pricing has been rolled. Imagine the comments his descendants will be making about him in the coming decades.

  4. Recalcitrant.Rick

    This is an act of environmental, economic, scientific, and cultural vandalism! And I hope we never forgot this act of bastardry and the political party that enabled it! If you care, tell your children and grandchildren to never vote Liberal again, they always lie, they always cheat, and they care for nothing but themselves!

  5. graybul

    You have said it all Bernard! Wish that all Australian Media carried similar editorial comment. There is no comfort in knowing proportionally, that Politicians of all colours, are responsible for Carbon Tax debacle. At least, Labour under Shorten now committed going to an ETS Policy at next Election . . subject to no more backsliding!

  6. klewso

    A victory – for soaring ignorance.

  7. zut alors

    Today Abbott has justly earned a place in history ie: as a bigger prime ministerial joke than Billy McMahon. No small achievement.

  8. Bill Hilliger

    Assisted by most, if not all churnalists over the last 3 years or so, the coalition and cross benches have voted to ignore the scientists and the economists who warn of unchecked climate change. The Bogan Shire regional shopping centre electrical goods stores are gleefully claiming that flat screen TV’s costing less than $550/- are flying out the door. Banks are standing by to accommodate the flood of cash post CT repeal.

  9. CML

    R.Rick – Agree with your comments, 100%. Couldn’t have put it better myself!

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