From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Air Force computers don't fly. This from a Defence mole:
"The Air Force got a new computer system a bit over a year ago which let in the most junior officer to any level of security. One would hope that that incompetence has been fixed but staff who inadvertently clicked on the wrong spot are now being treated like criminals."
We've put the question to Defence and are yet to hear back. Calling in Gore. It was just three weeks ago that Clive Palmer stood up with Al Gore to announce his climate change conversion, which some media outlets heralded as a blow to Tony Abbott. As the carbon tax repeal is debated today, we wonder how Gore feels about it. Don Henry, ex-CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation, was pivotal in setting up the meeting between Gore and Palmer (#palmgore) -- and we've learned Henry is in New York on Gore-related business at the moment. A last-minute crisis meeting to discuss the looming carbon tax repeal? We've emailed Henry to ask if that's the reason for the trip. Shhhh. Which senior government staffer has been badmouthing one of Australia's most respected national security officials? Not a good look, especially given the bad odour in which said staffer is currently held. Let them eat cake. We were delighted to hear that staff at The Australian loved their birthday cake, courtesy of Crikey (picture here), sent to Sydney HQ to mark the rag's 50th birthday yesterday. Reports are that it was "delicious and demolished" and even editor Chris Mitchell had a slice. According to James Jeffrey's Strewth, Paul Kelly was the only one brave enough to eat his own likeness on the icing, although according to Twitter, Jeffrey also enjoyed a slice.

Tony Abbott called The Australian a "paper for the nation", but we've had a complaint from the Perth bureau -- they're feeling a little neglected:
"While those over east celebrated with a fancy dinner and drinks, all the Perth workers got was an early deadline and a pat on the back. No cake. No party. Not even a bar card. Happy birthday indeed."
We worry about what we've started, with requests for cakes rolling in. Sorry everyone, only special frenemies like the Oz get cakes.